PHOTO: Melissa Gorga is Accused of Major “Photoshop Fail” in New Family Pic as Fans Call It “Sad,” Claiming RHONJ Star Is “Insecure” and “Obsessed by Public Opinion”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
PHOTO: Melissa Gorga accused of “photoshop fail,” as fans call it “sad,” claiming RHONJ star is “insecure” and “obsessed by public opinion.”

Credit: RCF/MEGA

Fans are slamming Melissa Gorga over what they claim is a “photoshop fail,” as the Real Housewives of New Jersey star posed with her husband Joe and daughter Antonia.

Some viewers called it “sad,” while others accused the podcast host of being “insecure” and “obsessed by public opinion.”

Fan account @allabouttrh claimed Melissa’s Instagram post showed a “photoshop fail around [her] stomach.”

According to her critics, Melissa’s stomach appears distorted by the image-editing software, making her other features look incongruous. Many social media users, in general, are put off by filters and Photoshop because they depict unnatural and unattainable body standards.

After the image was uploaded, fans voiced their opinions in the comments.

“Girl, did you review this before you posted it?” asked one viewer.

“Omfg that[‘s] photoshop. Just be real for once,” pleaded another.

“Is that why the picture looks awkward and her stance looks odd??” asked a different user.

A fourth fan expressed, “The fact that an already thin person will photoshop her waist for social media is sad. It’s painfully obvious and she has a great body so it’s dumb of her to do.”

A fifth user echoed a similar sentiment, “She’s the last person who needs [Photo]shop. Jesus…”

A sixth fan added, “It must be miserable and exhausting to be that insecure and obsessed by public opinion and perception.”

Other viewers, however, rushed to the star’s defense.

“She’s still beautiful but maybe just a little insecure about something. Aren’t we all?!” wrote one fan.

Another expressed, “They literally all photoshop their pictures even ur queen Tre. Do you think their faces really look like that?”