Morgan Wade’s Ex Kady Cannon Shares What “Annoyed” Her With Morgan & Kyle as She Claims Country Singer Likes “Older Women,” and Talks Bethenny’s Reality TV Reckoning

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Morgan Wade’s Ex Kady Cannon Shares What “Annoyed” Her With Morgan & Kyle as She Claims Country Singer Likes “Older Women,” and Talks Bethenny’s Reality Reckoning

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Morgan Wade’s alleged ex Kady Cannon shared what “annoyed” her about the country singer’s communication with Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp on social media when Morgan and Kady were still together, and she claimed Morgan likes “older women.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who is currently separated from her husband Mauricio Umansky, has denied rumors that she and Morgan are romantically involved despite fans’ continued speculation.

Speaking on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, Kady shared her first reaction to seeing her name in the press amid reports of Kyle and Morgan’s relationship.

“I felt just the weight of the world,” she said. “[It] did not feel good and it was just awful and a lot of tears and a lot of emotion behind it, but then … after I did my initial interview, I just felt like a weight was lifted off of me. Then things got better … I’ve literally, like, blocked keywords [about their relationship] on all my social media platforms.”

Kady then shared that she would get “annoyed” in her previous relationship when Morgan would communicate with Kyle and Teddi via social media.

“It annoyed me how she was so, I don’t know, she would respond to their comments … If they were tagged in something, [Morgan] would reshare it and she just never did that with me. So I would get my feelings hurt,” Kady added. “I felt it was because they had more followers than me. Millions whatever followers and that’s why she was, like, kind of showing off their friendship.”

When asked if Kyle and Morgan are ‘dangling a carrot’ for fans, Kady answered, “They are sharing photos like very cheek to cheek. Selfies on vacation, and they’re on vacation together all the f**king time. Kyle and Morgan … they’re kind of like, fueling the fire, right, as opposed to trying to put it out.”

Kady said she refuses to watch Kyle and Morgan’s steamy music video, and she has asked her friends not to send her anything about it.

She also claimed Morgan likes “older women.” Kady explained, “I’ve seen some of her exes and they’re kind of all over the place … Older women. That’s all I know specifically.”

Despite being a previous fan of RHOBH, Kady claimed she won’t watch the upcoming season.

Kady, who starred on Temptation Island, agreed with the points of Bethenny Frankel‘s “Reality Reckoning,” and she alleged that she and her castmates were often prevented from eating.

She also suggested that producers put the stars through “psychological warfare,” encouraging alcohol while pretending to be their friends.

“Like [producers] thought, ‘Oh you are holding back.’ That was always their thing, you know, ‘Oh, you’re not being real,'” said Kady. “No, I am being real because a real me wouldn’t just start making out with this person.”