RHOC Star Emily Simpson Shades Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Ryan, Suggests His Behavior Is “Cowardly,” and Questions If Vicki Leaked Info About Shannon to Press as Teddi Weighs in, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Emily Simpson Shades Jennifer’s Boyfriend Ryan, Suggests His Recent Behavior Is “Cowardly,” Plus RHOC Star Questions If Vicki Gunvalson Leaked Info about Shannon Beador to Press after DUI

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Emily Simpson shaded Jennifer Pedranti’s boyfriend Ryan Boyajian, suggesting his recent behavior was “cowardly.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star also questioned if Vicki Gunvalson leaked information about Shannon Beador to the press following her DUI.

Through the latest season, castmate Tamra Judge continually alleged that Ryan cheated on Jennifer, though the latter insisted they were on a break when a certain hookup took place. Ryan chose to skip the reunion, but he called out Tamra on social media, indicating she was spreading lies.

On Teddi’s Two Ts In A Pod podcast, Emily addressed the situation with Ryan.

“When you choose not to go to the reunion but then you get on Instagram and you write all these things about someone, it doesn’t, to me it just looks like you’re being cowardly,” said Emily.

She then expressed, “[My husband] Shane‘s been on the show for five years, and you will never find anywhere where he has attacked another Housewife or said something bad about another Housewife, and Kelly Dodd attacked him hard first season. She said terrible things to him. She got in his face. They got in this fight. He never said anything.”

Emily added, “What Ryan’s trying to do is repair things but I think it just makes it worse.”

At this point, Teddi seemingly suggested that Ryan is a “fame whore.”

In the same episode of the podcast, Teddi and Emily discussed the recent TMZ report that “sources close to Shannon” claimed she’s enrolled in an outpatient wellness program following her DUI, but she still plans to perform with Vicki and Tamra in their ‘Tres Amigas’ comedy show — which apparently centers around alcohol.

“Can we discuss who we think the source close to Shannon is that’s giving info to TMZ? Is it Vicki Link-in-Bio Gunvalson?” asked Emily.

Teddi responded, “It’s gotta be Vicki Link-in-Bio Gunvalson or it’s Lannon Flealor.”

The alum shared she “asked Tamra” about Shannon returning to ‘Tres Amigas,’ and Teddi believes it’s a “bad idea.”

“I agree. I’m on board with that one,” said Emily.

Teddi added, “Her feeling right now is that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it [in] the show’s current format.”

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