Captain Lee Rosbach Addresses Claim Below Deck Guests Get 50% Off Charter Pricing, Admits He’s “Not” Friendly With Other Captains, Plus Where Production Crew Stay Amid Filming

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Captain Lee Rosbach Claims Below Deck Creator Mark Cronin Hasn’t Been “Physically on The Show for Years,” Says Production Crew Always Stays “On Land,” and Admits He Isn’t Friendly with “Some” of The Captains

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach claimed Below Deck creator Mark Cronin hasn’t been “physically on the show for years,” said production crew always stay “on land,” and admitted he isn’t friendly with “some” of the other captains within the franchise.

In the latest season of the show, Lee was temporarily replaced by Captain Sandy Yawn, who eventually fired several of his crewmates. At the time, Lee expressed disappointment that Sandy didn’t inform him of the firings beforehand as he was recovering from medical issues.

On Twitter, Captain Lee responded to a fan asking if Mark, the show creator, was wrong when he previously stated that guests receive a 50 percent discount on three-day charters.

“That may have been true in the early yrs, but as the show grew so did the boats and the price to charter did as well,” wrote Lee. “Mark hasn’t been physically on the show for years, though is heavily involved.”

On the same day, Lee revealed he’s friendly with “some” of the other captains, but “not all.”

At one point, the captain was asked if the production crew stays on a separate boat throughout the season.

“Nope, the production crew always stay on land,” he explained.

In a past interview with Us Weekly, Captain Sandy addressed the drama regarding her firings.

“I just can’t believe there was a thing about it. The reality is when you’re on a boat and someone’s sick in the hospital, as a captain you’re not gonna call them up and say, ‘Can I fire someone?’ You don’t need permission. You’re actually in command,” she previously expressed. “So, I did call after and said, ‘Here’s what’s happened.’ You always wanna have that respect.”