RHOSLC Recap: Angie Confronts Monica on Spreading Cheating Rumor as Angie Lashes Out at Her Mom, and Heather Questions Lisa About Jack’s Mission, Plus Mary’s Son is Married

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOSLC Recap: Angie Confronts Monica on Spreading Cheating Rumor as Angie Lashes Out at Her Mom, and Heather Questions Lisa About Jack’s Mission, Plus Mary’s Son’s Relationship Status is Revealed

We are being offered an olive branch loaded with thorns this week on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Angie is throwing an Easter celebration, and Monica clearly does not know how to behave at a religious luncheon. Let us pray for tolerance, shall we?

Angie is throwing an Easter party that honors her Greek traditions. She had hired an Easter Bunny to deliver the invites, which is a cute touch. I cracked up when Heather was surprised by him being in her backseat. Mary looked apprehensive to even open her window to this furry character, and she must have thought the bunny looked rabid.

Whitney and Justin are out for dinner, which they have not done in a long time. She feels disconnected from him and is annoyed that he does not help with the kids. Whitney accuses Justin of playing on his phone instead of dealing with family drama. Justin looks like he just wants to make Whit stop talking since the baby talk is only cute in the bedroom — not at dinner. He is willing to be more helpful around the house to please her as well as to make the squeaky voice stop talking.

Whitney tells Justin that she needs validation. Justin is annoyed he is the one who always must initiate sex. Whitney thinks he is missing his mark since she needs more from him to desire him. Justin even took off his wedding ring when they fought, and now, we know Whit’s storyline for the season #snooze.

Lisa and Angie are making candles, which is symbolic of new beginnings. She chats with a young woman working there who knows her son Jack. She also lets Lisa know that she knew about the mission before she did. That was literally a burn — no pun intended. Angie shares that she invited everyone to her Easter party but Meredith. Lisa thinks that Monica is no friend to Angie since she has accused her husband of cheating, which makes her persona non-grata in her opinion. She calls Monica mean, and that is not how a friend behaves since she is still smarting over being called shallow.

Mary questions Robert Jr. about the marriage rumors that have been talked about on the SLC streets. She seems to not really know what is going on with her son. Robert Jr. is clearly uncomfortable with this line of questioning, but he admits he got married a year ago. He does live with his wife but in another wing of their house. Mary starts crying since he is her only child and is finally showing her vulnerability. She gives him some tough love and lets him know he needs to support his wife, not her. Side note: Robert Jr. is 20 years old, and does he even work or is in college? How does she go without seeing him IN HER OWN HOME?

Heather and her daughter Ashley chat on the phone. She shares that Jack is going on a mission, but she knows from experience what Pandora’s box that opens. Heather is thankful that Ashley is living her life and not being constricted by the Mormon principles. Ashley is having some hot girl summer in her string bikini in Cabo. Heather decides to not talk to Jack about his decision. She believes this mission is just a boot camp for the church.

Mary has Meredith come over for proof of life, and they act all chummy with each other. She tells Meredith that everyone knows Robert is married but her. Mary has an incredible spread of food just for her and Meredith. She thinks that this group of “friends” has stunted development and pretends like she is above them. While mentioning Angie, Meredith insists that she would never out someone who is gay because of her activism and her gay son. Mary lets Mer know that the bunny invite went out, but Mer will be attending the GLAAD awards. She does not want to go without Meredith to this party. Mary finds these ladies to be exhausting, and she wants to see a change with these ladies before she engages with them or production will have to force her out of the sprinter.

Angie and Shawn are setting up for their Easter party, and their views are spectacular. Mary calls Angie and tells her she will not be attending since she is dealing with her home in Vegas, which was flooded a year ago! Father George even attends this event along with Angie’s dad, and I hope he packs some holy water. Angie shares that her mom died, and her dad had to raise seven kids alone. Now that is a sad backstory…

Lisa is joined by her son Jack and hubby John. Heather, Whitney, and Justin arrive at the party. Monica joins the group with her children and her mom Linda who hates her guts. She does not want her mom to hook up with Angie’s dad, who is single. Angie talks about Christ, who was resurrected from the dead, and she is in awe of his ability to rise above. Heather thinks she is referencing herself and her likeness to Christ so she can overcome what has been said about her family. Side note: Meredith is shown at the GLAAD awards with Brooks and Seth. I could have done without seeing Brooks.

Heather and Lisa discuss Angie being invited to her house. Lisa admits to being triggered since no one was there for her. Heather wants Lisa to discuss Jack’s mission trip with her. She expects Lisa to listen to her since she has spent her life in the Mormon church. Heather believes that Lisa has her own ideas on how the Mormon teachings are to be followed. She does not think that Lisa is following the principles and that Jack is going on this mission since he is not learning about them at home.

Heather wants to know why Lisa has not read her book. Heather starts to pontificate and let Lisa know that she is not trying to undermine Jack and his choices. Lisa wants Heather to know basically that she does not want advice from a Bad Mormon on how to be a Good Mormon. I agree with Lisa on this one  — Heather needs to stay out of it. Side note: The men are talking off to the side about the dichotomy in the room between them and the women. I also appreciated Shawn joking that his gay lover dressed him when Heather commented on his style.

Angie and Monica talk off to the side, and she is upset that she shared the rumor that Mer was alluding to. Monica blames Whitney for asking about the content of the rumor. She says this rumor about Shawn has been circulating for years. Monica tells Angie, “At least I tell you what is being said to your face, not like the others who talk behind your back.” Linda comes over and tries to break up this heated conversation. She starts speaking in Portuguese, which is confounding to Angie, who speaks Greek.

Linda tries to get Monica to go to the bathroom to defuse the situation, which further infuriates Monica. I remember telling my daughter when she was in trouble that we were going to the bathroom, and that meant a spanking. Monica clearly has a trigger for this since that b*tch was not getting reprimanded by her mom. Linda is embarrassed that Monica is behaving this way at an Easter party with children. Monica goes and sits on the couches and pouts like a petulant child. Linda tried to talk with her, and Monica told her to get another ride home. She rounds up her 10 kids — just kidding — and her daughter is clearly disappointed leaving this event.

The rest of the crew is dancing while having cash tossed at them. They view Monica as being disrespectful to her mom. Monica finds her mom’s intervention shows her lack of support for her. Little Monica wants to be a different mom to her children. Why did she drag her kids out of a family-friendly party, so they had to miss the Easter Egg hunt? Monica wishes for a different mom, but I am sure her kids are possibly feeling the same way. I hope you are enjoying your week, Blurbers!