Judge Rules Lenny Hochstein Owes Lisa Hochstein $125,000, Plus RHOM Star Fires Back at Claims She Took All Furniture & Emptied House

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Lisa Hochstein Scores Court Victory amid Her Contentious Divorce with Lenny, Plus RHOM Star Fires Back at Lenny’s Accusation That She Took Bulk of Their Belongings During Move Out

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Lisa Hochstein scored a victory in court amid her contentious divorce with Lenny Hochstein.

The Real Housewives of Miami star also clapped back at Lenny’s assertion that she took the bulk of their belongings when she moved out of the mansion.

The mother-of-two has continually alleged that Lenny left her for his alleged mistress, Katharina Mazepa, though Lenny insists that he and his now-fiancée didn’t start dating until after their split.

According to court docs obtained by Page Six, a Miami judge ruled that Lenny can’t rescind his initial marriage settlement proposal despite his attempt to do so in August.

The documents indicate that Lenny’s recent motion was “moot,” and the agreement could be rightfully enforced.

“He cannot now renegotiate the terms of the Agreement,” said Jordan Davis Modavi, Lisa’s lawyer, speaking to Page Six. “[It’s a] binding contract.”

Lisa also filed documents in response to Lenny’s allegation that she took “the bulk” of “furnishings, artwork, and household items” from their marital home as she moved to her Miami condo.

The star stated that she brought a “reasonable” amount of belongings to her new place, roughly 10 to 15 percent of the exes’ total furnishings on the property. Lisa also alleged that she herself spent $80,000 to complete her new residence’s furnishings even though Lenny promised to reimburse her for $125,000.

“[Lenny] clearly has the ability to reimburse [Lisa] for the moving expenses she incurred, and his refusal to do so is yet another example of [Lenny] attempting to publicly hurt and punish [Lisa] by refusing to fulfill his financial obligations to her,” said the documents.

The attorney also hit back at the plastic surgeon’s “emergency” motion after Lisa’s alleged “failure to act reasonably” during the move.

“It is an absolute abuse of the Court’s finite judicial resources for Lenny to seek relief from the Court on an ’emergency’ basis, when the matters for which he is seeking relief are certainly not life or death matters,” said Jordan, via a statement.

“There are families in Miami-Dade County with real emergencies that require judicial intervention on an emergency basis. Lenny’s ‘Emergency’ Motion relates to household items like fake plants and pillows that he alleges he did not agree to Lisa taking from the parties’ Former Marital Residence.”

The lawyer went on to say, “It is unfortunate that Lenny continues to unnecessarily utilize the parties’ financial resources to litigate, instead of conserving those resources for the parties’ children … Lenny’s actions are illustrative of his inability to put the children’s best interests and needs ahead of his own.”