RHOSLC Recap: Monica’s Mom Calls Her a Motherf**ker Amid Tense Argument, Mary Accuses Whitney of Severing Her Future With Allegations and Meredith Confronts Whitney For Not Supporting Her After Car Accident

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOSLC Recap: Monica’s Mom Calls Her a Motherf*Ker Amid Tense Argument About Troubled Childhood, Mary Accuses Whitney of Severing Her Future With Allegations and Meredith Confronts Whitney For Not Supporting Her After Car Accident

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are dealing with their moms, missions, and marital issues. How will they navigate these tempestuous waters? Let us dive in, shall we?

Whitney tells Justin she wants to mend her relationship with Mary because she needs to film her bobblehead scene that has been teased. She also is planning their daughter’s birthday party and wants to include Meredith. Justin is clearly perplexed by the HW world where you keep setting yourself up for another disastrous scene. He also lets Whit down when he tells her that he is not able to attend their daughter’s party. Justin has a work conference, and Whitney clearly is annoyed that he is no longer Mr. Mom in their home. Justin gets on his phone to book a therapy appointment after Whitney’s prodding.

Heather and Monica are meeting up to ride snowmobiles together. She is reminded of the relationship she had with her own mom after observing Monica’s interaction with Linda. Heather grew apart from her mom when she got divorced. Monica admits her relationship has been volatile since childhood. She was abandoned by her mom when she was 12 so Linda could chase her own dreams in New York. Monica’s dad also left her when she was four. Heather wants to support her after seeing her mom leave her alone the day before, juggling her kids by herself.

John, who found out about Jack’s news about the mission two weeks prior to Lisa, is a proud dad. He gets emotional expressing his pride in his confessional. John would never have met Lisa if he had not been on a mission. Lisa questions Jack on his mission, and he does not want to give his mom any feedback. She will have to serve liquid death and throw together a charcuterie board since Jack is not interested in a party that will be all about Lisa.

Meredith, Heather, Whitney, and Monica are meeting up to go cross-country skiing. This was clearly a thrown-together activity to discuss what happened at the Easter party. Monica shares that her mom took her vehicle because she was pissed at her. She had to rent another vehicle since she had no way to transport her kids. Meredith advises her to take her power back and put the car in her own name. Monica likens her charismatic mom to Ted Bundy when the other ladies tell Mer they will like her when she meets her. Side note: I get anxiety when Monica and Linda are together since I feel we should not be watching this toxic relationship air on TV.

Whitney invites everyone to Bobbie’s birthday party, including Meredith. She tells Mer that Angie is also invited to the party. Meredith denies that she intended to ruin Angie’s life. She wants to know why Whitney did not stop when she saw HER car accident. Whitney thinks Meredith is trying to divert attention away from the rumors she spread about Angie. Mer refutes that she wishes ill on anyone and does not want to harm anyone.

Angie has her dad Louie come over to cook in her very white kitchen. She loves spending time with her dad, who seems to be such a sweet man. Louie makes chicken lemon rice soup, which looks good to me since I love Greek food. Angie shares that she and Shawn have not gone on a date for quite some time. She is really distracting me in this scene since those lip fillers are making her lips look like inflatable tubes glued to her yapper. Shawn arrives home to an awkward exchange with Angie, where she tries to interact with him but he is not engaging.

Mary, who is sporting a black sequined dress with snakeskin boots, meets up with Whitney for lunch — during a blizzard. What could possibly go wrong, am I right? Well, Mary gets her food spilled on her but wishes it had been dumped on Whitney. Mary tells Whit, “You severed our future,” and any chance of them being friends. Whitney apologizes and then reminds Mary of her mean text messages, but she tells Whit, “Grow up, little girl!” And we are off!

Mary is furious that Whitney called her husband and herself sexual predators. She wants to take her food with her as usual and calls Whit a bobblehead — which makes sense to me since her pronunciation is a bit garbled at times since stuff is getting shaken up in there. Whitney calls Mary’s behavior gross, and she pretends like they used to be friends before. Why is Mary filming this season when she clearly despises everyone?

Lisa is having Jack’s party for his mission call. She wishes she could control what is going on like she does when she orders herself a G Wagon. Jack gets up for his speech, and he gives a sweet shout-out to his little brother Henry. He is going to Bogota, Colombia, and everyone gets nervously excited. Lisa is afraid Jack will be held up at gunpoint, but she still finds this news to be thrilling even though it could be potentially dangerous. Side note: My SIL is from Bogota and is leaving to visit her family soon. Lisa truly has reasons to be concerned, and I hope Jack will be safe.

Monica is meeting Linda to discuss their issues. Linda is already crying when Monica arrives, and you can see this is just a manipulation on Linda’s part. Monica reminds Linda that she felt completely alone and sided with everyone but her at the Easter party. She is miffed that Linda was apologizing for her to total strangers. Linda lets Monica know she is not going to talk to her like some weak-a*s b*tch.

Linda then starts yelling at Monica when the crying is not working. She then tells Monica she will not allow her to disrespect her. Linda then blurts out that Monica is a motherf*cker. No, Mommy Dearest Linda, she is a BIL f*cker — get it straight!

Monica is clearly reeling at this point and refuses to eat her guacamole, which Linda confuses for dessert. She wants to remind Linda why she is so upset with her. Monica was 12 years old, and Linda left her with “those people” and went off to live her life in New York. Linda let her know she was starting a new job, and NYC was far more expensive than she expected. Monica recognizes that the women in her family have had complicated relationships with their moms. She informs us that her grandma never wanted to have a daughter, and this family dynamic is making sense to me now.

Linda’s mom thought Linda was a complete disappointment when she got pregnant with Monica. She was also peeved that Linda left the Catholic church to join the LDS church. Monica then shares that she was PUT IN THE TRUNK WHILE LINDA MADE OUT WITH SOME GUY!!! She has every right to be furious since that has always been a fear of mine to be locked in a damn trunk! Linda expects Monica to just forgive her even when she has not expressed sorrow for her actions.

Monica is not going to let her damaged upbringing affect her kids anymore. She decides to leave the restaurant but agrees they need some therapy. This scene was a lot, and I do not see this dysfunctional dynamic being worked out anytime soon. See you all in Miami tonight for the scorching hot premiere episode! Take care, Blurbers!