RHOSLC Recap: Lisa Questions Monica’s Abuse Storyline as They Get Combative, Heather is Hurt She Wasn’t Invited to Jack’s Mission Brunch, and Whitney Launches a Jewelry Line

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RHOSLC Recap: Monica and Lisa Get Combative After Lisa Questions Her Abuse Storyline, Heather is Hurt She Wasn’t Invited to Jack’s Mission Brunch, and Whitney Launches a Jewelry Line

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are attending a Prism Jewelry party that incorporates a sound bath. Can a sound bath heal the discord among this group? Let’s bathe in some sound waves, shall we?

Angie and Monica are meeting up to discuss their verbal altercation at the Easter party. She lets Monica know that she was upset she provided the ammunition that Meredith was alluding to. Monica pretends like she was telling Angie to let her know about it, but production shows she provided all the context behind these rumors. She denies that she spoke of Shawn’s sexual performance with other men, but Bravo shares it all.

Angie laments that she could have had a better relationship with her own mom since she died very young. Monica shares the freaking obvious — that her relationship with her mom is extremely complicated, which is the understatement of the year— and she loved sharing the traditional family event with her kids since they never had that before. Monica does mention that her kids had extended family events when she was married to Michael. She is troubled that they no longer get to experience this anymore — due to her own actions. Monica mentions her mom came around during the holidays once she got divorced. Was it to be able to gloat at Monica’s situation?

Whitney has Lisa over to help set up her two parties. She is fortunate to have Lisa help since she is a party planner. Whitney is excited to plan Bobbie’s birthday party and is giving her a golf cart for her present. She has decided not to invite Mary to her party since she does not want her around her children because she is known to tell disturbing stories to kids. Let’s be clear — Mary can be disturbing just by herself!

Whit, who is clearly Team Monica, defends Monica since she believes her Mommy Dearest stories. Lisa finds this relationship to be conveniently abusive and deems Monica to be insincere. She has concluded that Monica likes to share negative information about others — which is Jen Shah-like — and she finds her to exhibit destructive behavior. Lisa does not think Monica’s trauma is a reason to be abusive to others.

Meredith meets up with Heather at a bar to catch up. Heather acts like she is all concerned about Jack’s mission. She thinks Lisa’s version of Mormonism is not accurate since her BRAND of Mormonism does not exist. Heather laments how Lisa can be who she wants, but Heather’s feelings were invalidated, and she is not accepted for who she is. Meredith is willing to go to Bobbie’s party, but she will just drop the gift and dip out.

Heather finds out from Angie that Jack gave his big announcement at brunch. She thinks Lisa has rejected her and resents that Lisa sees herself as a soldier for the gospel. Heather needs to leave this one alone. She keeps making it about herself and her experience. Jack needs to come to his own conclusions, and it makes sense that Lisa does not want Heather around to tarnish Jack’s feelings toward his mission.

Whitney is allowing Bobbie to get her glam done for her party. Bobbie cracks me up when she realizes she now has eyebrows. I have that same experience every time I must draw mine in! Whitney has planned a Hawaiian sunset-themed party, and the kids will be taking a party bus to the skating rink.

While at the skating rink, Angie tells Lisa that Heather was hurt that she was not invited to the brunch. Meredith grabs Seth, and they leave rather quickly, so she was right about drop and dip! Heather chats with Monica about the friction with Lisa. She lets Monica know that Lisa thinks that she embellished the story about her mom. Lisa approaches, and Heather almost looks gleeful that she has started another argument between Monica and Lisa. She admits to making a snarky comment about Monica.

Lisa thought it was a total disaster meeting Monica’s mom, and she should be ashamed for disrespecting her own mom. Monica says that her kids do not want to be around her either. Lisa asks, “Why did you bring her to Easter, then?” Good question! Who brings Theodora Bundy as their plus one for a religious holiday brunch? Monica then encourages Lisa to question her kids if she does not believe her. She recognizes Lisa in her own mom, who bizarrely likes to talk to plants. Production graces us with the clip showing Linda in deep conversation with a plant. I do have to agree that Lisa will take any captive audience — even a plant. Lisa tells Monica she is just like her mom, and you can see her eyes get darker when she hears this insult. Side note: Getting back to the CHILD’S party, Bobbie loves her golf cart and deems it the best birthday ever.

Lisa tells Heather that she was not trying to exclude her from Jack’s event. Jack skates up, and he is very sweet to Heather talking about his mission. Heather laughs in Lisa’s face when she tries to say that she is a good Mormon, and the proof is she has a kid who is going on a mission.

The next day, Lisa tells John about what happened with Monica. She thinks Angie is not being honest about her friendship with Monica. Lisa gets a text, and poor John is trying to be a supportive husband, but Lisa is totally unaware of his presence. John clearly is the one who influenced Jack since he has the patience of a saint in dealing with Lisa.

Heather is helping Georgia prepare for her prom by steaming her dress. She wants Georgia to experience a different upbringing than she did. Heather shares that her daughter is dating a young man from Bosnia who is of Muslim faith. She thinks they will have a much healthier relationship than she did with her Mormon beaus. Heather asks her daughter if they have kissed yet, but she is coy in her response. Georgia looks gorgeous and does resemble a princess.

Whitney is getting ready for her Prism pop-up shop party. She has planned a sound bath for the group to help the ladies get some sound healing. I find it amusing that Whitney is the one who is incorporating this activity since her vocal sounds provide no healing to anyone. Heather and Meredith are not coming since they have other commitments. Mary has not made an appearance in this episode at all.

Angie warns Monica that she is the topic of conversation, and you can see that she has pushed her ignite button. We then get a very messy scene between Lisa and Monica with Angie sandwiched between these two warring Housewives. Whitney is trying to make an announcement, and Lisa and Monica are going at it. Monica tells Lisa that being street smart makes you smarter than being an intellectual. Hmm, okay then.

Lisa tries to mute Monica, but ironically, she has no mute button either. Monica takes Lisa’s critiques as trying to be her mother. Monica is likened to a little vampire who’s fueled 100% by negative energy. Lisa resents Angie’s taking up for Monica when she defended Shawn.

We then get a litany of, “Stop talking to me,” and spouting childish insults. Monica lets us know that she takes pride in fighting in grocery stores and parking lots, so this party is a step up for her. She would probably make her mother proud with this behavior. Lisa needs to stop trying to have the last word and quit engaging in this nonsensical argument. She gets called out by Whit for making a scene, but Monica is held harmless. Whit wishes that Mer was here to utter her famous line, “You can leave!”

Monica then decides to age-shame Lisa when she expresses that she wants to participate in the sound bath which is an old lady activity. Whitney must intervene because these b*tches are blocking customers from getting in the checkout lane. She is furious at Lisa for causing a scene at her event, but she ignores Monica’s part in this messy scene. Lisa is annoyed seeing Angie hugging Monica instead of being by her side. Monica is a tough one, and I understand the family dynamic that has created this whirling dervish. I have Jen Shah vibes from this one, and the toxic relationship with her mom is not entertaining but rather disturbing. Be well, Blurbers, and see you tonight in Miami for more bad behavior from warring Housewives!