Below Deck Down Under’s Laura Bileskalne Discusses Miscarriage During Season 2 Filming, Denies Being Inappropriate With Adam Kodra, and Accuses Show Editors of Exaggerating Behavior

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Below Deck Down Under’s Laura Bileskalne Discuss Miscarriage During Season 2 Filming, Denies Being Inappropriate With Adam Kodra

Credit: Bravo

There has been a pretty massive discussion surrounding Laura Bileskalne’s time on season two of Below Deck Down Under.

Unfortunately, production seemed to show how uninvolved she was with the cast, as she was in the bathroom a lot. This led to many fans sharing memes of the star coming out of the bathroom and looking the same as before. Now Laura is opening up about the events surrounding her being a bit absent in the season. Additionally, she has something to say about the allegations that she was inappropriate with Adam Kodra.

Fans will also remember that Laura’s time was a bit short in the second season of Below Deck Down Under. In fact, Captain Jason Chambers fired her in episode seven of the spinoff series. The reason given was that she was allegedly sexually harassing and assaulting Adam.

Laura is finally sharing her side of the story in all of the drama in a conversation with the Miss Understood podcast. According to the Below Deck Down Under star, she found out she was pregnant early in the season after believing she had a UTI.

Laura opened up by saying, “I guess it is finally time to talk about it because I was not sure I wanted to talk about it. I found out I was pregnant on the second day of the show. I was in shock — that was the first pregnancy for me. I thought I had a UTI, and I had antibiotics, but they didn’t help. I spoke with the nurse on the show, and she gave me a test.”

Of course, this explains why she was in the bathroom for so long. When cast members questioned her absence, she simply said she was in no hurry to get ready. Still, she was unhappy about how the show focused on her absence as she was going through such a drastic life change in private.

Though the cast members were not supposed to talk without the cameras filming, she told Aesha what was going on because she needed support.

“When I found out and I was in the bathroom. We are not supposed to [talk to cast members without filming] but I was like, ‘I need to talk to Aesha. I need to talk without cameras,'” she continued during her podcast interview,  via Us Weekly. “I told her what was happening because I thought she would be the one who can support me the most. She knew what was happening with me — and it was also for my protection — because I didn’t want someone else to find out about it.”

Laura went on to say that she had been scheduled to have an abortion. However, the Below Deck Down Under star suffered a miscarriage before the procedure was to take place. Laura went to the hospital twice but asked production not to show it. They complied, and Below Deck Down Under fans believed Laura was simply absent due to being slow to get dressed in the bathroom.

“We had an appointment between charters to get [an abortion]. We were still on charter on Monday, and that morning I woke up with pain I cannot explain. I was bleeding extensively, and the bathroom was the only safe place I could be.”

Lisa also addressed her firing from Below Deck Down Under on the podcast. She admitted to having second thoughts about the way she approached guys on the ship.

“They can’t show completely everything wrong about me. I can’t say that. I saw it. I had to think about it because I didn’t want to come across [overly aggressive], and I straightaway apologized to Adam.”

However, she does claim that the feelings between her and Adam were mutual and that the show exaggerated her behavior.

“[The show] also exaggerated that, because he came to me in the same way. Or not in the same way, but in the same amount of interest,” she claimed. “There were two times that I came to him to ask if I was too much for him. I was giving him the opportunity to say anything. But he was this kind and polite guy, he probably didn’t want to upset me.”

However, she probably won’t be on future seasons of Below Deck Down Under.