Brynn Whitfield Shares What Didn’t Air on RHONY, Suggests Sai’s Apology Wasn’t Genuine, & Provides an Update About Where She Stands With Tyler Cameron

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Brynn Whitfield Shares What Didn't Air on RHONY, Suggests Sai's Apology Wasn't Genuine, & Provides an Update About Where She Stands With Tyler Cameron

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Brynn Whitfield has emerged as one of the fan favorites on the Real Housewives of New York reboot.

Not only did she stir up the drama with her cast mates, but the RHONY star has forged some lasting friendships with some of the ladies on the show. She’s a reality star that the fans love to watch and one that helped make the RHONY reboot the success it became. Now, Brynn is opening up and spilling all the tea about her season on the show including what didn’t air, the drama with Sai de Silva and Erin Lichy, while also providing an update with Tyler Cameron

During a recent interview, Brynn revealed that despite producers filming her at work, it never aired on the show.

“I can’t control the edit. We did film me working, but there’s nothing to show there,” said Brynn to Interview Magazine. “It’s not glamorous, sitting on a laptop, working on a deck, occasionally saying “f–k” to myself or sending an email or being on a Zoom call. But I’m a very proud consultant with two really amazing beauty PR firms here in New York, Neilson Swiader and Lippe Taylor.”

As RHONY fans know, the season ended with a big fight between some of the ladies. Essentially, Sai was aware that Ubah had a new boyfriend and shared it on camera with Erin. She later called Brynn and admitted to saying it on camera by mistake because the relationship was supposed to be a secret. The problem came in when Brynn later brought up the boyfriend with Ubah while filming at her birthday party.

Brynn then had this to say about if she knew the relationship was supposed to be a secret or not, “But Sai had called me after her and Erin filmed that scene, and she’s like, “Oh, I f–ked up. I talked about Ubah’s boyfriend.” I was like, “Oh, that sucks.” It was more like, look, it was a small comment, and it was an awkward conversation, and maybe they won’t include it. “

She continued, “Because you could also kind of take solace when filming in [the fact that] there’s only a certain amount of time [in each episode]. The odds are actually kind of in your favor for stuff not being included. So this hadn’t been a “storyline” to date, and [Sai] didn’t tell me to keep it a secret, and she didn’t say not to say it on camera. “

Of course, this led to Sai and Brynn no longer speaking to each other. However, Sai accepted responsibility for what happened at the reunion. Brynn was, of course, shocked by Sai’s change in tone at the reunion and had this to say, “I was blown away. I thought she was just going to keep sticking to this whole story and narrative that she’s campaigned so hard for in the press. I didn’t talk about Sai in one interview since we stopped filming. But in every interview, whether she was prompted or unsolicited, she would say, “Brynn can’t be trusted. Brynn really fucked up. Brynn broke the circle of trust.”

Brynn then went on to question if Sai’s apology at the reunion was actually genuine.

“The apology is appreciated, but it didn’t feel that authentic,” she stated. “It just felt like she was saying it because this is probably the right thing to do, since the episode aired and everyone online was giving her s–t. I accept it and I appreciate it, because it does take somewhat of a person to be able to do that. But I’m like, “Eh.” People kind of show you how they are.

The RHONY star then discussed how she sent both Sai and Ubah a text the next day to apologize, but both were unreceptive. She ended by saying that Sai probably took accountability because of the way RHONY viewers reacted to the situation.

Brynn also provided an update about whether she’s still in touch with Tyler after they appeared on Watch What Happens Live together and displayed what great Chemistry they have. Essentially, the two are still in contact but only as friends because of the distance. She even joked about maybe convincing him to move to New York.

Brynn also addressed which of her RHONY costars she knew before filming the Bravo series.

“I knew Jessel from the PR world. And I only knew of Jenna. Ubah, I would see out socially. Anything fabulous that I’d ever do, you’d see Ubah there,” she shared. “And then Erin, I didn’t know. Sai I knew through work because she was always in our influencer decks as a mommy blogger.”