Jenna Lyons Addresses If She’ll Return to RHONY, Admits Filming Was “Hard,” and Looks Back on Gift Drama With Cast

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Jenna Lyons Teases If She'll Return to RHONY, Admits Filming Was "Hard," and Looks Back on Gift Drama With Cast

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Jenna Lyons is teasing her potential return to The Real Housewives of New York City.

Ahead of production on the upcoming 15th season of the Bravo reality show, Jenna, 55, made an appearance on a late-night talk show, where she admitted to being hesitant to reclaim her role, reflected on her “hard” filming experience, and looked back at her gift drama with her castmates.

“I don’t know … What do you think?” Jenna asked the audience during a November 21 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon after being asked about season 15. “I don’t have an answer. I genuinely don’t.”

As for season 14, her first, Jenna admitted, “It was hard,” before mentioning the overwhelming support she received from viewers.

“People have been lovely,” she gushed. “The thing I did not realize about that show, and for anyone who’s a fan, like, thank you so much. People have been so nice. Like, I get stopped everywhere and people yell across the street, ‘I love you, Jenna.’ And I’m like, ‘I love you, too.’ I have a lot of like, relationships going on now. People feel like they’re your friends.”

Reflecting on her gift giving, which didn’t always come as a welcome surprise to her castmates, namely Jessel Taank, 43, who did not appreciate a green piece of lingerie she received, Jenna said giving gifts is “part of [her] love language.”

“I gave the girls a bunch of gifts and they assumed I was giving them for a promotion, which was not the case at all; they were things that I loved, brands I wanted to promote, or like, help and support, meaning I wanted people to know what the brand was,” she explained, giving a nod to her co-stars’ “kick back.”

“I did a total of what was in there; that was really expensive,” she added.

After Jenna was noticeably absent from BravoCon earlier this month, while the rest of the RHONY cast was present, Andy Cohen, 55, was questioned about her potential exit from the series by Entertainment Tonight.

Jenna’s absence was “not any great statement on her relationship to the show or with us,” he insisted. “We have a great relationship and I hope she comes back.”

In addition to skipping BravoCon, Jenna was also missing from a recent cast dinner attended by Jessel, Sai De Silva, 42, Erin Lichy, 36, Brynn Whitfield, 36, and Ubah Hassan, 40.

No word yet on when filming will begin on The Real Housewives of New York City season 15.