PHOTOS: RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury Shows Off Facelift Results After Husband Sergio Cries While Documenting the Painful Recovery

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PHOTOS: RHODubai's Caroline Stanbury Shows Off Result of Facelift After Her Husband Sergio Cries While Documenting the Painful Recovery

Credit: Bravo

Fans are waiting for a new season of The Real Housewives of Dubai, but it seems the cast is keeping busy with personal things in the meantime. 

RHODubai fan favorite Caroline Stanbury recently went under the knife for a facelift, and her husband Sergio Carrallo was by her side to comfort her. He documented some of the healing journey on his Instagram account before Caroline showed off a pic of herself without bandages. 

As fans know, Caroline and Sergio tied the knot back in 2021 on RHODubai

According to Us Weekly, Sergio posted the first reaction to Caroline undergoing the cosmetic procedure on November 22 via his official Instagram account. 

In the video, fans can see Sergio in the car waiting for Caroline, as he was not allowed in the medical facility. While waiting, he went to get her a nice card, a balloon, and her favorite smoothie. The Instagram clip also shows her coming out of surgery with her bandages as well as her in the car on the way home. Sergio broke down crying as he drove, and he told Caroline how much he loved her.

Sergio captioned the post by saying, “This was probably one of the hardest moments of my life. Seeing the person that you love with all your heart suffering and in pain how she was .. it was very hard. “

He went on to say that he was against the RHODubai star getting a face lift, but that he also wanted to support her in any way possible. 

He continued by saying, “So, I was there for her, supporting and helping her day to day. I am very proud of you and I just see how happy you are with the result, it makes me very happy. You look absolutely beautiful @carolinestanbury the only problem, now … I am the oldest in the relationship!!”

Caroline then made an Instagram post of herself on the day after Thanksgiving. This was day 14 of the healing process, and she even showed off her bandage free face to the world for the first time. She captioned the post by saying, “New face, new me.”

It looks like Caroline is healing nicely and has all the support she needs from Sergio. As fans know, season two of RHODubai was announced already, but there still isn’t a date.