Dr. Wendy Osefo Calls Out Nneka Ihim’s Voodoo Claims Against Mom on RHOP, Suggests it Could Have ‘Criminal Implications,’ Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Dr. Wendy Osefo Reacts to Nneka Ihim’s Voodoo Claims Against Mom on RHOP

Credit: Bryan Steffy/Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo

Dr. Wendy Osefo has been on The Real Housewives of Potomac for a few seasons now. Since the beginning, there have been some pretty interesting claims about her family’s past and their social standing in Nigeria.

However, these claims seem to be picking up as the new season of the show started just a few weeks ago. Now, there are claims of voodoo in Wendy’s family coming from Nneka.

Wendy’s fellow castmates have said for a while that the Nigerian-born doctor was from the Osu caste system. On the show, it has been explained that this means the family had been shunned. While these discussions died down, they picked back up this season, but Wendy has said that her family has never been shunned. 

However, now cast members are throwing around claims of Wendy’s family being involved in voodoo. In the latest episode, Nneka Ihim, who is new, accused Wendy’s mother of being a witch. 

Wendy reacted on Twitter following the episode as she retweeted a post by a fan who emphasized how dangerous this accusation is in the Nigerian culture.

The post stated: “As a Nigerian I can say being accused of having a shrine and practicing voodoo is one of the biggest insults and criminal implications someone can accuse you of. People in Nigeria are literally stoned to death or jailed over these things.”

Wendy Osefo reacts to costar Nneka Ihim’s Voodoo Claims

This came after the group asked if Wendy and Nneka were fine. They both responded by saying they don’t know one another enough to have issues. However, Nneka then said, “I heard and I’m aware of the phone calls that your sister made to my in-law about me being part of this group. And I’m aware of the phone call that your mom made to my in-law saying that she submitted my name to a shrine.” She then added, “And threatening to send my in-law’s name to a shrine.”

This shocked the group as Nneka essentially accused Wendy’s mother of voodoo.

The two continued to argue for a bit before Wendy confirmed that her mother was a Christian and not a voodoo witch or priestess.

Nneka then said, “By day, by night, she’s submitting names to shrines.”

The two didn’t resolve their issues about the alleged shrine, but they continued to argue until the event ended. However, Wendy did take to Twitter with a bit of a message for the accusation.

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