Olivia Flowers Believes Austen and Taylor Had Sex, & Shares What Viewers Didn’t See With Rod Fling, Plus Southern Charm Star Talks New Boyfriend, & When Austen Met Him, Biggest Misconception, and Filming Amid Grief

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Olivia Flowers Believes Austen and Taylor Had Sex, Plus Southern Charm Star Talks Rod Fling, New Boyfriend, & When Austen Met Him, Plus Biggest Misconception, and Filming After Brother’s Passing

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Olivia Flowers believes Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green had sex.

In a new interview, Olivia says she thinks it was an “ongoing hookup” – despite their ‘one-time kiss’ story. The Southern Charm star also addressed her fling with Rod Razavi, a “big misconception” about how she was cast, if she’s “in love” with her new boyfriend, and filming after her brother passed away

According to Taylor, Austen instructed her to deny, deny, deny. She followed the order – until Austen grew tired of lying. But according to Olivia, the ‘whole truth’ may be far more complicated.

Speaking on The Viall Files podcast, Olivia shared her belief that Taylor and Austen actually had sex, and it was an “ongoing hookup.”

She also addressed her own fling with Rod – who she dumped on a recent episode.

“I take the blame a hundred percent cause like before [Rod] came on the show, I had like drunken make-outs with him downtown,” she said. “I put the moves on him, and then when the show started, I immediately like reclused … It was me. I was the f-ckboy, I was the Austen in that situation. I’ve apologized to him profusely for that. But it was kinda fun being a f-ckboy for a bit.”

Olivia then shared details about her new boyfriend. “His name is Alex. He’s from Dallas. We met at a wedding. I was my dad’s date to a wedding and [my dad] was late to it. He had a business meeting. So I’m walking into this wedding by myself late,” she explained.

“[Alex] was an usher. He was like ‘Can I walk you down the aisle?’ I was like it’s a little soon but okay. He’s in finance too so he doesn’t know anything about the show,” she said. “So that was fun introducing it to him.”

Olivia claimed that Alex and Austen met each other and “everything went well.”

“I am in love,” she said. “It’s fun. He’s so cute. He’s 6’6”. Dark hair, dark eyes. Not from Charleston. He’s one of nine siblings… He lives in Dallas and… so I’ve been spending time there.”

She then corrected fans’ “big misconception” about how she was cast.

“Everyone thinks I was casted as Austen’s love interest or that I was brought on because I was dating him. Incorrect. Fake news. I cannot stand that,” said Olivia, who shared the real story.

“So Leva was a family friend of ours. My dad and her husband and my brother did business together … Leva called me one day and she’s like ‘Hey, they’re asking around if we have any people that we think would be good to bring on. I’m just going to put your name in.’”

Olivia said she was “living [in LA] at the time [as a] production assistant … I was like yeah, sure thing. Why not.”

Unfortunately, filming became difficult after her brother’s passing. She explained, “It was tricky. It was a doozy for sure… My castmates stepped up so much when everything went down. Production team could not have been better, [they] let me have my time with my family. But then it’s like I got back in with filming and it just felt like someone pressed play.”

Olivia continued, “I wasn’t wanting sympathy. I wasn’t trying to be a victim but I just wanted a little bit more understanding to where I was mentally. So to like have yet another sit-down with Austen or Taylor or whoever else to talk about something that was just not on my mind was like… You watch me back this season, I look like a mute.”

The 31-year-old added, “I literally [had] nothing to say cause I didn’t care at the moment. I got more and more frustrated. I was constantly trying to control the emotion because the last thing I wanted to do was strike on someone and it be like misplaced emotions, so I just kinda kept quiet, and got more mad.”