Teresa Giudice Talks Being Vindicated in RHONJ Season 14, as Gia Shares Holiday Plans With Dad Joe & Luis, Plus How Teresa Keeps Her Butt In Shape

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Teresa Giudice Talks Being Vindicated in RHONJ Season 14, as Gia Shares Holiday Plans With Dad Joe & Their ‘Blended’ Family, Plus How Teresa Keeps Her Butt In Shape

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Though the premiere date for season 14 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is yet to be announced, some of the main cast members are talking about what fans can expect.

 Melissa Gorga recently gave some thoughts, but now her estranged sister-in-law Teresa Giudice is talking. As fans know, the two are not on speaking terms and have not been since the end of season 13. However, in a recent interview, Teresa, joined by her daughter Gia, said that fans will see how right she was about some of her allegations. 

To backtrack, season 13 of RHONJ was drama-filled. One of the biggest sources of contention came when Teresa accused her sister-in-law of cheating on her brother Joe. Of course, this led to neither her brother nor Melissa attending her wedding to Luis. This, among other things, has left the entire cast divided. 

Now, in a recent interview with ExtraTV, Teresa discussed how she previously said that “vindication and validation” are coming to her. The interviewer asked if that meant that “Melissa maybe comes forward and says my bad, I’m sorry. Did you get an apology?”

Teresa then plays coy as though she didn’t know Melissa. Then Teresa asserts, “That chapter is closed.”

The interviewer then asks how she gets vindication and validation, to which she says, “You’ll see. You have to tune in and watch, silly. 

However, Teresa says that some evidence comes forward during the season that proves her right. Also, just as Melissa has said before, Teresa confirms that the two filmed separately all season. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Teresa and Gia discussed how things are going with Joe since they have been separated. Joe now lives in the Bahamas and is “seeing someone.” Additionally, Joe and her new husband, Luis also “get along so well.”

Gia also talked about how they will spend Christmas. She said, “Typically, every year, we spend Christmas at home, so we do Christmas Eve with my mom, wake up in the morning, then go by my dad’s during the day. We typically go visit my dad for New Year’s, but this year we’re all going to visit my dad, including my mom and Louis.”

She continued, ” We blended so well, and it’s honestly just really nice for my sisters and I to see my dad and my stepfather get along so great.”

Teresa also talked about how she is doing a technique called emsculpt on her butt. She says, “I always had the best ass. That was my thing growing up. I had the best ass and the best eyes, so I had to keep that up.”

Fans can look forward to the new season of RHONJ premiering on Bravo in early 2024.