Kristen Doute Questions If Tom Schwartz’s Fling Jo Wenberg “Used” Her to Get on Vanderpump Rules, Says They Were Once “Ride-or-Die,” and Reveals Why Their Friendship Ended

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Kristen Doute Questions If Tom Schwartz's Fling Jo Wenberg “Used” Her to Get on Vanderpump Rules, Says They Were Once “Ride-or-Die,” and Reveals Why Their Friendship Ended

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Kristen Doute questioned if Tom Schwartz’s fling Jo Wenberg “used” her to get on Vanderpump Rules, said they were once “ride-or-die,” and shared why the friendship ended.

As many viewers know, Jo filmed in the upcoming season. Back in season 10, Schwartz called her his ‘roommate,’ and he claimed their ‘situationship’ grew into ‘friends with benefits.’ At the time, Schwartz’s ex-wife Katie Maloney had a different name for Jo: Kristen’s ‘crazy friend.’

“For you listeners out there that don’t know, Jo was one of my best friends. When I say best friend, I don’t mean that lightly,” said Kristen on her Sex, Love and What Else Matters podcast, via Us Weekly. “This girl was my everyday ride-or-die, [and] we literally hung out all the time. Like, six days a week.”

“We stopped talking right around the time she started talking to Tom [Schwartz],” she added.

Her boyfriend Luke Broderick backed up Kristen’s claims.

“The first time I came to L.A. to see Kristen, Jo was the very first person I met. We went to get lunch and she was talking about moving out of her place [in July 2022],” he explained. “I didn’t see her again until we crossed paths at TomTom basically the same night Scandoval happened [in March].”

According to Luke, Kristen believed Jo intentionally stopped talking to her. “Kristen was telling me, ‘She’s not responding and she’s ghosting me,’” he said.

“There was a text here and there,” Kristen clarified. “But she seriously just ghosted me. And then I started finding out that she was hanging out with Schwartz and she was staying with him … Our friendship has been over ever since. Not because I broke off our friendship but because she broke off the friendship with me and started lying to me. Now all of a sudden she’s on the TV show that canned me.”

She claimed other people also noted Jo’s distance.

“Friends of mine that are still close to Jo and I have said the exact same thing,” said Kristen. “Was I being used this whole entire time? Was this like a master plan to be on the show?”