Summer House’s Danielle Olivera Reveals What Really Led to Robert Split, and Talks Love Triangle With Alex Propson and Joe Bradley

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Summer House's Danielle Olivera Reveals What Really Led to Robert Split, and Talks Love Triangle With Alex Propson and Joe Bradley

Danielle Olivera is addressing her drama with her ex-boyfriend Robert Sieber, the real reason for their split, and her love triangle with Alex Propson. Plus she also discussed her new man, Joe Bradley.

Danielle’s relationship with Robert was a major staple on Summer House, so viewers were left stunned when it was reported that the two had called it quits.

Regarding her past relationship with Robert, Danielle opened up about what led to their breakup during an appearance on the “Not Skinny but Not Fat” podcast.

According to Danielle, Robert had an “emotional connection” with someone he was working with – someone he’s now in a relationship with – and Summer House viewers will learn more about how Robert burned Danielle.

According to Danielle, Robert broke it off because he wanted to date someone else, but made Danielle feel at fault.

Discussing her Winter House stint, Danielle claimed her first impression of Alex was bad because he seemed like a “typical” guy who was “flirting with everyone.”

She said she encouraged Alex to talk with other women – even after he and Danielle made out – but this attitude changed after they started “having sex.” At this point, she didn’t want him to “keep flirting with someone else.”

Though Danielle said Alex didn’t understand this, she called him out for “playing” her and making her out to be a “fool.”

Danielle also revealed she was helping Alex through “anxiety” over “stuff” that was “going on back home,” though viewers didn’t see this.

“He had another girl I didn’t know about back home,”  said Danielle, who indicated that Alex’s romance with Jordan Emmanuel “didn’t smell right,” and suggested she and Alex were being “shady.”

Their “body language” let Danielle know what was “going on,” and she claimed they both should have respected her more, which “stings the most.”Despite everything, she said Alex was good in bed, and she’s still friends with him and Jordan.

Addressing her new relationship with Southern Hospitality‘s Joe Bradley, Danielle said he pursued her, and they had “instantaneous chemistry.” Plus, she just visited him in Charleston for the first time.

Danielle claimed he’s relationship-ready, and the timing is “pretty perfect.”