Captain Sandy Yawn Accidentally Calls Out Luka’s ‘Crush’ on Katie Flood in Front of Jessika on Below Deck Med

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Preview: Captain Sandy Brings Up Luka's 'Crush' on Katie Flood In Front of Jessika In Clip From New Episode

Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean is one of the most popular shows on Bravo. Not only do fans enjoy seeing the random encounters with guests on the yachts, but there’s always a ton of drama between the crew mates. Now, there’s a preview out ahead of the new episode that shows an awkward encounter between Captain Sandy YawnLuka, and Jessika

According to the Captain, Luka has a crush on Katie. Of course, this is awkward because Luka has a bit of a romance going on with Jessika. 

According to US Weekly, who have an exclusive preview of the new episode, the captain calls out Luka for texting Katie. She does this by asking him, “Is that your girlfriend texting you? From the other boat?” Multiple crew members were around for this encounter, including Jessika. 

Of course, he was shocked that she would say such a thing, especially in front of people. However, she continued, “I knew it was her because [of] your face! Luke is smitten.” Jessika was clearly upset by the comment. 

The preview clip then shows Jessika reacting in a confessional. 

“What f—king girlfriend?” 

Tumi then says, “Captain Sandy has no idea what’s going on with Jess and Luka. I’m really curious how Luka is going to get himself out of this one.”

Luka has had his fair share of on and off-screen relationships in the recent past. He had a bit of a situation with Natalya. However, this was short-lived before the pair moved on from each other. He then moved on to Jessika. However, the two were never in a serious relationship. 

As for Katie, Luka has previously had this to say, “I’ve known Katie for like four years. She used to date one of my friends, and I know that she’s worked with Sandy in the past. My history [with her]? We don’t really have any history. We’ve hung out a few times. What are you trying to get at?”

Additionally, he revealed in November that he is dating the person he was with before the show. He said, “I’m in a relationship at the moment. [I’m] back with my partner that I was with before the show. We split up [before] the show, and we’re back together now. I don’t think she’s watching [this season]. It’s probably good.” 

Like many people in the Below Deck universe, it seems Luka is just having fun and hoping what happens at sea stays at sea. Still, it’s telling how upset Jessika got over the idea that he might have a crush on Katie.