RHOSLC Reunion Part 1 Recap: Monica’s Casting Letter and Leaked Audio is Exposed at Reunion, as She Admits She Called Feds to Give Them Info on Jen Shah, Plus Angie Confronts Her & Meredith Over Rumors

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOSLC Reunion Part 1 Recap: Monica Compares Herself to Kim Kardashian in Leaked Audio Tape, Admits She Called Feds to Give Them Info on Jen Shah, and Shares What She Sent to Producers to Get on Show, Plus Angie Confronts Her & Meredith Over Rumors

Let’s start digging up the black ice laced with shady sh*t as our Real Housewives of Salt Lake City get together in NYC for episode one of their reunion. Who will be tasked with sifting through this mess so we can find out more about Monica’s deceptive behavior? Grab a trowel, and let us start digging!

The set is Bermuda-themed but is being filmed in NYC. Andy, who seems to have a loose tooth implant, garbles out an inquiry about whether the cast has been in touch since Bermuda. Monica jumps in to tattle that the rest of the group has been meeting up but excluding her. Andy also questions how the cast felt about the season without Jen. They think they did fine without her and no one missed the toxicity since Monica filled that void for production.

First observations on the fashions: Meredith looks rather matronly, but she does have her breast chest plate showing and has packed her purse loaded with facts. Angie’s dress has weirdly placed cut-outs and asymmetrical netting, which makes it too busy, and she is relegated to the end of the couch. Monica, who has prime seating next to Andy, is wearing a flattering aquamarine-colored gown that fits her frame well — but is just a mask for her ugly side. Heather, who is wearing an orange-colored gown, looks trimmer than before and has found something flattering to wear.

Whitney, who is wearing a neon dress that looks like it has tentacles crawling across her crispy chest, is at the end of the couch — probably because of her lack of a storyline this season. Lisa looks good in her shimmery silver gown, which fits her body nicely. Who knew Diet Coke and candy bars gave you a good body?

Andy starts by introducing Monica’s debut — and hopefully her last season with RHOSLC. He shows her first interactions with the ladies. Lisa is first profiled, showing her uncomfortable interactions with Monica, who seems to enjoy age-shaming her throughout the season. The production does an excellent job of showing Monica and how she was almost grooming these ladies to ingratiate herself.

Andy throws Monica a sympathy bone by showing she feels insecure because of her financial status. He calls Monica out on not being sympathetic about Lisa’s missing $60k ring. Lisa mentions that the ring was a gift since she almost lost her son Henry. Monica then shades Lisa and lets her know that she is not in the 1% and not as successful as she portrays herself. She thinks the suggestion that she stole the ring was created by the other ladies. Monica thought that Lisa should have defended her online when the ring theft accusation was made. She calls Angie a bench-warming b*tch when she tries to intervene in this conversation.

Monica explains her relationship with Jen Shah. She admits they were friends, and she went to work for her. Monica helped as her personal assistant, and she was doing this for free, which absolutely NO ONE is buying. Heather, who looks like she might leap off the other couch, cannot wait to whip out an audio recording of Monica talking about wanting to be KK, who started out as a personal assistant, and look where she is now.

Heather believes that Monica had an agenda to get on the show. Monica claims she insulted the show’s cast and its ratings and sent this email to the casting department. Production clearly shows that was a lie as well as the letter Monica sent to the casting team is shown and it doesn’t show her insulting the cast or the show’s ratings.

Monica Garcia’s Casting Letter to Producers is Shown at the RHOSLC Reunion

She claims she cooperated with the Feds when her friend warned her about Jen and distanced herself from Jen. Reality Von-Tease was then born!

Monica then mentions how her BIL affair was ten years ago. She shares that she had to jump through a lot of hoops to get back into the Mormon church. Monica is now turning on the waterworks and acting all upset over being labeled a whore. Whitney bizarrely interjects that she had an affair, and NO ONE asks for a follow-up. I want to know who is this other guy who could tolerate that voice? Does he wear Bose noise-canceling headphones during sex?

UGH, we now must rehash the stupid bathtub crap with Meredith. Lisa and Meredith’s reconciliation is now profiled. We also have the Heather and Whitney argument, and it is ridiculous that we had to sit through this sh*t all season when they were all sitting on a powder keg. Whitney claims there are still trust issues with Heather. Meredith thinks the other ladies do not respect her or her feelings. She thinks that she keeps these things close to her vest since these ladies are not interested in her life or her feelings. Meredith chooses to disengage instead of fighting with these ladies.

The loss of Whitney’s friend is mentioned, and she discusses how she thought Lisa was not a supportive friend. She tells Lisa that once she learned her friend died, she distanced herself from her. Whit is annoying the f*ck out of me nodding with her high pony when Lisa tries to defend herself. Angie discusses her interactions and alliance with Monica and how she ended up blaming Meredith for their discord. Lisa talks about siding with Angie when the Shawn rumors were put out by Monica. Angie very poorly defends when she put herself in the middle. She was clearly playing on both sides.

Whitney continues to say that Lisa lacks self-awareness. She wants Lisa to stop ghosting her when they are having problems. I wish they would not have gone over this nonsense for the last 30 minutes. It was boring during the season and rehashing it is monotonous and unnecessary. Andy, who now sounds like his tooth is rattling, then gets into the “rummmors” and marriage issues. Angie then mentions that Monica was a rat who came out of the sewer when she spread the rumor. Meredith then dances around to what she was suggesting when she mentioned Angie’s husband. She then reads a litany of nasty comments that Angie made publicly, which ignited Mer. Angie tries to convince Mer that being called a trampoline with eyes is a compliment!

Mer and Angie then bicker back and forth on who is trying to make themselves relevant. Angie does have a point about multiple personality disorders since Meredith speaks at times with different accents and can even change her facial expression at will. Meredith resents the implications from Angie that she spreads her legs to other men. She thinks they weaponized the trials and tribulations her marriage went through. Whit is then tossed into the ring since she was selected to bring the Shawn rumor up on camera. Angie then asserts that Monica was the perfect villain. She now knows that Monica was spreading rumors about her the first week of filming.

Monica then pretends that she has helped Angie to even remain on the show. Angie then lets her know that she has a better chance of remaining on the show. We will have to wait until next week, Blurbers, to hear more about Monica and what is in her juvenile burn book for shock value. Take care, Blurbers, and see you tonight in Miami!