Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Face Foreclosure Again After Failing to Sell Home and Failed Payment Arrangements on Georgia Mansion

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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Face Foreclosure After Multiple Extensions and Failed Arrangements

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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are seemingly always in the news. The former RHOA stars are going through a divorce as well as quite a bit of financial drama. Their home was in foreclosure, but they were able to work out a deal to get more time to sell. Now, it seems time has run out.

Truist Bank is making it clear that it intends to exercise its right to foreclose on the Atlanta mansion. Unfortunately, this leaves Kim, Kroy, and their family in the same limbo they found themselves in before. 

US Weekly obtained court documents on January 12 that show that the couple has been unable to keep up with the agreed-upon mortgage payments. Because of this, the bank “intends to exercise its rights” to the property if the debt is not paid. It was previously reported that Kroy sought a restraining order against the initial foreclosure process. However, Truist Bank has denied the request. 

The bank first started the foreclosure process in August 2022. The home was supposed to be auctioned off in March of the following year. Fans will remember that the auction was mysteriously called off with no details given. 

Later, Kim and Kroy both filed affidavits to show how moving forward with the foreclosure would negatively impact their family.

Kroy’s document says, “The consequences of losing this equity would be devastating for my family, including myself, my ex-spouse Kim, and our four minor children. We would be left homeless, without financial resources, and unable to address the debts accumulated during our marriage.”

Kroy also said that he set up an agreement with the bank through a “3-month probationary payment period from June to August of 2023.” However, the estranged couple was unable to make the final payment to satisfy the agreement. 

Kim’s affidavit said her family “will face insurmountable financial hardships,” and that, “We are pleading for your support in potentially expediting the sale of the house, under the condition of a temporary order from the court to prevent foreclosure.”

Unfortunately, none of this has worked long term as the home is once again in foreclosure. 

In other Kim news, she is reportedly desperate for money and would be willing to accept any job. Of course, she has The Surreal Life coming up, but the premiere date is yet to be set. Additionally, it’s unclear how sizable of a check that would be. Sources tell InTouch that, “She’d even do a Real Housewives trip Bravo if would have her!”