Andy Cohen Shares What Was Cut From RHOSLC Reunion, and Says He Believes Monica Garcia’s Story About Her Mom’s Prayer During Audition to Join Show

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Andy Cohen Discusses 'Heated' Footage Being Cut From RHOSLC Reunion Part 2, Says He Believes Monica's Story and Feels Bad For Her

Credit: Casey Dunkin/Clifton Prescod/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has been a force to be reckoned with this season. Not only did it deliver arguably the best reality TV finale, but the reunion is in full swing. Now, as fans await part three of the reunion, Andy Cohen is opening up about scenes that didn’t make it to our screens.

Andy has been criticized for his reunion hosting in the past, but it seems he is now more open to receiving feedback.

Andy discussed part two of the reunion on his Radio Andy show. According to him, a long-time friend told him that certain parts of the show needed to be taken out.

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The friend told him, “‘I don’t think it was a good look that you didn’t interrupt Lisa and Monica.’ And I said, ‘Interrupt them when? They were at each other’s throats.’

He continues, “What was cut out is there are some people whose method of fighting is just to scream louder, keep talking, don’t take anything in, and just keep moving forward like a Mack truck. And I would say Monica is kinda of that ilk, and I was jumping in the whole day. You don’t see it because you don’t wanna see it. It got pretty heated throughout the day.”

He went on to compare himself trying to stop Monica and Lisa from arguing to a teacher controlling a classroom.

Elsewhere on the show, Andy discussed Monica’s story about her audition and how her mother prayed that she would be asked to join the show if they said no to Monica. Andy says he believes what Monica said and that he feels bad for her and the relationship she has with her mother.

Fans will recall from the show that Monica’s mother left her when she was a child to pursue TV. However, it seems she’s still holding on to that dream. 

He said, “My heart went out to Monica. I was, oh wow, that is rough.”