Bethenny Frankel Slams ‘Bitter’ and “Jealous” Lisa Vanderpump for Expressing “Disappointment” Over Interview With Rachel Leviss on Her Podcast

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Bethenny Frankel Claps Back at Lisa Vanderpump for Expressing “Disappointment” Over Interview With Rachel Leviss on Her Podcast

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Vanderpump Rules season 11 recently premiered, and everyone’s talking about it. However, Lisa Vanderpump herself recently expressed disappointment over Rachel Leviss telling her side of the infamous affair to Bethenny Frankel on her Just B podcast. Now, Bethenny is responding and not holding anything back.

As everyone knows, Rachel is not a part of the new season of Vanderpump Rules. However, she is very much still involved in the situation as she continues to slowly drop information about the affair and the cast she worked with on the show and at the restaurant.  

During  Monday’s episode of her ReWives podcast, via Page Six, Bethenny defended Rachel’s decision to come on her podcast. Bethenny said, “Cry me a river. Where was she going to share her story? At Pump? Over some rosé that she’s recovered from and trauma? I don’t think so.”

She continued, “Sorry, not sorry that we’re still all bitter that Raquel, months ago, came on my podcast and is thrilled she did. “

She also said, “People are still bitter that Raquel came over to my podcast, which she’s still thrilled about. Like, I’m thrilled, iHeart’s thrilled, Raquel’s thrilled. Lisa Vanderpump, not thrilled? We’ll take it. We’re all good.”

However, Bethenny says she actually likes Lisa. 

“And I like Lisa! Lisa’s great. Enjoy your success, enjoy your life, enjoy your bar, enjoy your shows, enjoy Bravo — all good! But, like, we’re all OK that you’re disappointed. We’re fine with it, ’cause we are appointed and thrilled.”

For context, Lisa had this to say at the Vanderpump Rules premiere party, “I wish she’d actually come to me instead of sitting in the safety of somebody else’s podcast. “

She went on to say that some of what Rachel said was untrue. 

“Had she come to me, I think I would’ve been good to her. Because it’s one thing just saying this out here, just saying that out there. And some of it wasn’t true! Like I was paying her like an intern. I know exactly how much money she made. It was six figures. It was good.”

Lisa continued, “She knows I’m not gonna be judgmental. I’m gonna listen and give her a moment. All the people that are so involved in the story wanted to see growth [and] contrition.”

Lisa also feels that Rachel should have returned for at least part of season 11. 

She said, “I think it would’ve behooved her to come back. I really do. But maybe not the whole season because I think they were all pretty kind of reticent.”

Bethenny called Lisa’s comments an “epic example of jealousy.”