JT Thomas Discusses Southern Charm Regret, Ex’s Claim, & “Hardest Part” of Show, Plus Why He Can’t Be “Super Tight” With Craig, & Unpleasant BravoCon Experience

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

JT Thomas Reveals Unpleasant Experience at BravoCon, The “Hardest Part” of Season 9, What He Regrets, and Suggests He Can’t Be “Super Tight” with Craig Conover

JT Thomas revealed his unpleasant experience at BravoCon, the “hardest part” of season nine, and what he regrets about filming.

The Southern Charm newbie – whose alleged exes have made certain accusations – hinted at “skeletons” surfacing, and he suggested he can’t be “super tight” with Craig Conover.

JT compared his BravoCon experience to being a “freshman in high school” when “nobody wants to be your friend.”

“I would go inside the gates where all the other Bravolebs are hanging out and they were like, ‘Who are you? Like why are you relevant? Please leave me alone,'” he said on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast.

JT claimed he “walked away” from one of his lucrative businesses to be on the show – because the people involved didn’t want him on it.

He said the “hardest part” of the season was declaring his love for Taylor Ann Green. JT knew it was unlikely she would feel the same way, and a “million people” watched him “get shot down.”

“I did it and I don’t regret it,” clarified JT, who’s grateful he now knows where he stands. “You gotta get out of limbo.”

According to JT, he still has “feelings of white heart emoji love” for Taylor, but he’s happy to be friends with her, and he’s “not holding his breath” for her to change her mind.

The star claimed he regrets getting so heated with Austen Kroll in the season finale, which ultimately turned physical.

“I would use words, not fists,” said JT, who shared that it was hard watching himself on tape in general. He felt “alone” and “confused” while filming because he’d never done it before.

After the podcast host addressed his alleged exes, JT said “skeletons” are going to “surface,” but he doesn’t negotiate with “emotional … terrorists” or online trolls.

Recently, a woman claiming to be JT’s ex threw some major shade at him as she called him a “loser” and added, “He was exactly how he used to be, in front of a camera… Just performative, like acting.”

Hinting at “lies” in the last season, JT said things would have been “more manageable” if certain castmates had “addressed [it] honestly in the beginning.”

“But … without lies and manipulation and deceit, there wouldn’t be a show,” he added.

Regarding his friendship with Craig, JT suggested that he can’t be “super tight” with him “because of this” – seemingly alluding to Craig’s friendship with Austen.

When asked if he’s open to reconciling with a certain cast member, JT said he’s “always open to trying” to get to a “positive” place with “everybody.”

“It takes two to tango,” he said. “It’s not just gonna be a donation … We both have to work at it. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen.”