Lala Kent on If “Pasta” Was a Secret Code for Drugs on Vanderpump Rules, What Producers Wanted in Cryptic Fight, and Talks Hookup With James While He Was Still With Raquel

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Lala Kent on If “Pasta” Was a Secret Code for Cocaine on Pump Rules

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Lala Kent addressed a rumor that she and James Kennedy had a secret code for “cocaine” on Vanderpump Rules, shared what producers wanted in a past fight, and hinted at her hookup with James while he was still with Raquel Leviss.

In a former season, Lala and James fought over Lala eating Raquel’s “pasta.” The strange convo turned into a yelling match, leading fans to believe something else was going on.

On a recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, Lala was asked if ‘pasta’ was actually a code.

“So many people asked me, like, they thought for so long that I did all of Raquel’s cocaine,” she answered, via @byewighellodrama on Instagram. “They’re like, ‘Pasta [means] blow. They’re upset that Lala did all of Raquel and James’ blow.'”

Lala denied any code, and she said she wrote about the fight in her book.

“Producers wanted something else brought up. I did not feel comfortable about bringing that up. So what did I do? I tried to just say something to kind of steer in a different direction which was [that] we ate all of Raquel’s pasta and she didn’t give us permission. And I thought we were gonna laugh it off,” she said. “I didn’t feel right about having it go where they wanted it to go.”

Lala shared she “smoked an entire blunt” and was “stoned as a motherf**ker” as Raquel offered her some of the pasta.

“And I ate it all,” she said. “… I’ve never done cocaine in my life.”

Lala said she’s only smoked weed, but she took mushrooms once.

Later in the episode, Lala mentioned the first night she “had sex” with James, months before they hooked up “another time.”

“He was with Raquel and I was like whatever,” she said in a clip shared by @bravosnarkside on Instagram. “I technically could not be together with my person [Randall Emmett] because he was married … so, like, you can’t cheat on a married person.”

“It wasn’t just James. I was sleeping with a bunch of f**king hotties,” she added. “As I should have.”