RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Believes Monica Garcia Recorded Off-Camera Conversation, Addresses Jen Shah Black Eye Allegations, Says No One Can Understand How ‘Terrorizing’ She Was

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Lisa Barlow Believes Monica Garcia Recorded Off Camera Conversations, Addresses Jen Shah Black Eye Allegations, Says No One Can Understand How 'Terrorizing' She Was

Season 4 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was a cultural phenomenon. The whole season improved over the previous one, but much of the drama had to do with Monica Garcia.

Production on a new season is about to start, but there seems to be more behind-the-scenes tea about the first-year housewife. Lisa Barlow recently discussed the idea that Monica may have recorded their off-camera conversations.

As fans know, it now seems highly unlikely that Monica will be back for next season. However, it appears that everyone else will, plus perhaps new faces.

Recently, Lisa talked to Page Six about the show and her collaboration with Clorox. She discussed a phone conversation with Monica where she felt something was off.

Lisa said, “She called me [and was] super nice. But the first thing I asked her was, ‘Are you recording this conversation?’ My gut was just, like, ‘She’s recording you.’ Lisa continued, “And I’m sure she did record the conversation.”

According to Lisa, this took place in 2023, and she was careful about what she said during the phone conversation. However, she does recall Monica “bashing” some of the cast members. Lisa did not say which ones.

She recalled part of what she said to Monica by saying, “I was like, ‘You know what? This is a great opportunity for you and your girls. This could change your life, this could change your future for you and your girls. “

Lisa then said that she was supportive of Monica initially but then grew suspicious of her due to a few red flags. One such red flag was her relationship with her mother. She also brought up Monica’s interactions with Jen and even driving by her house.

Lisa said, “Like if you’re capable of doing those things when you’re given a gift of being a ‘Housewife’ — and so many people want to be one, it’s like being part of an NBA team. If you’re capable of doing those things, where is the trust? If I have to ask you, ‘Are you recording this conversation?’ — then I can’t be real with you, I can’t be vulnerable. I can’t be open.”

She also said the series is probably better without Monica.

Lisa also talked to People about Jen and the black eye everyone wants to know about.

She had this to say, “She would never be my friend. She never stuck up for me, always terrorizing me. … It got to a point where it was so toxic that unless you’ve experienced her, you can’t understand what it’s like.”

She also talked about now understanding how Heather wouldn’t want to be honest about the black eye.

She said, “I think it was hard for Heather, I was super hard on her at the season 3 reunion. I’m like, ‘You jeopardized lives. Just be honest. Why are you lying to everybody?’ But until you’ve been in a position where it’s not even being afraid of someone, it’s more exhausted by someone where you’re like, ‘I can’t take anymore.”

She and Heather are now better, and she says they bonded over the fact that they “all carried stuff for Jen.” She also says that no one can understand the negative impact Jen had.