Andy Cohen Reveals Who Pays for Real Housewives’ Cast Trips, Number One Reason Potential Housewives Turn Down Contracts, & Who He’d Like to Cast on Show

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Andy Cohen Reveals Who Pays for Real Housewives’ Cast Trips, and Shares Number One Reason Why Potential Housewives Turn Down Contract

Credit: David Becker/Bravo

Andy Cohen revealed who foots the bill for Real Housewives cast trips, and shared the number one reason potential castmates turn down the contracts. Perhaps no one sees the eye of Bravo’s tornado more than Andy, who’s been swirling in its vortex since 2004.

Now, nearly 20 years later, the wizard of OC is pulling back the curtain, showing a glimpse of the emerald city – at least for a moment. He may never reveal the ruby slippers, but we can find out who paid for them.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, Andy addressed whether production gets the tab during cast trips.

“We do,” said Andy, via Bravo TV. “Frankly, we do, yeah, but you know it depends on the vacation, actually.”

However, according to the host, the bill for these lavish trips isn’t always the production’s responsibility.

“There have been some that have been generated by us, and there have been some that have been generated by [the castmates],” he clarified. “The women take the planning of the vacation really seriously, and so it’s a case by case, but we have paid for them, yes.”

On an episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, Andy shared the number one reason potential ‘Housewives’ turn down the contract.

“Usually the thing that takes women out of the process are their husbands,” he revealed, via Heavy. “They realize they are really putting their lives on blast. Of their wife, the couple, their finances. We’ve had some really prominent women of color that we were very close to getting on the show that were dinged out at the last second because of their husbands.”

When asked which women he would love to have on the show – though it hasn’t worked out yet, for whatever reason – he named Chrissy Teigen, Julia Fox, Jana Kramer, Vanessa Bryant, and Ayda Field Williams.