Larsa Pippen Discusses What Led to Split From Marcus, Relationship Status Today, & Regret, Plus She Claps Back at Costars and Explains His Outburst at RHOM Reunion, & Live Viewing Thread

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Larsa Pippen Discusses What Led to Split From Marcus, Relationship Status Today, & Regret, Plus She Claps Back at Costars and Explains His Outburst at RHOM Reunion, & Live Viewing Thread

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Larsa Pippen opened up about what led to her split from boyfriend Marcus Jordan and what she regrets. She also clapped back at Marysol Patton and Alexia Nepola’s suggestion that she faked her relationship/breakup/makeup with Marcus.

She also revealed where she and Marcus now stand, why they spent time apart, and what actually happened with him at the Real Housewives of Miami reunion – amid rumors about a controversial moment behind the scenes.

“If I would have [sought paparazzi after making up with Marcus], I would have definitely looked a whole lot better,” said Larsa on Two T’s In A Pod. “I wouldn’t have left the gym looking homeless … So that’s not true. Maybe that’s what [Alexia and Marysol] do. Maybe they need the press.”

Larsa said she’s “sure” Alexia and Marysol’s comments are about their own jealousy, and she called it “delusional” for someone to believe she “faked” her entire relationship.

“She’s always drunk, so maybe that’s what it is,” said Larsa, assumedly referring to Marysol. “[I unfollowed Marcus because] that’s how I felt in that moment. I really was going through it.” Larsa claimed she hasn’t reached out to Marysol or Alexia since they made the comments.

She was then asked about her cryptic social media post about choosing the right partner.

“For me, if you are not like taking care of my heart, my emotions, you know, just my mental state and making me feel safe, I don’t know if it’s a relationship that I want to commit to,” said the star, who claimed she’s “okay being alone” if the significant other isn’t there for her.

She explained that Marcus was upset by her decision to unfollow him and remove all their photos, though she felt “relieved” and “strong” immediately after she did it. Larsa also admitted she later regretted her decision to delete his photos from her social media.

Larsa denied a report that she was wearing an engagement ring after their reconciliation, claimed she’s not engaged, and said the ring was from her “Larsa Marie collection.”

“We’re trying to work things out,” said Larsa of where she stands with Marcus. “We spent some time apart and I feel like we both realize that we do want to work on our relationship. We do want to be together.”

She said spending “time apart” helped them realize their desire to be together.

Addressing Marcus’ allegedly shady post with his dad Michael Jordan, Larsa said he was “in his feelings too,” and they were “arguing the whole time” before he took the photo with his dad.

Larsa claimed she was drinking wine when she posted a question about whether friends should follow their friends’ exes. Reflecting back, she said it wasn’t the best move.

“I just posted it thinking, ‘Let me see what other people would do?'” she said.

She also denied that Marcus cheated, and she claimed this would have been a “dealbreaker.” One reason for the break, according to Larsa, was Marcus’ desire to be in Orlando – while Larsa wants to stay in Miami. She also feels like she’s being “pulled in different directions” with parenting responsibilities.

Regarding Marcus’ allegedly controversial moment at the reunion, Larsa suggested he was simply defending her as co-stars “bashed” her. He was also upset that castmates kept bringing up his dad, calling the athlete by his “full name” each time.

“He was like, ‘If I counted how many times they said … Michael Jordan.’ He was like, ‘It’s annoying. He’s my dad … You guys should really be talking about your own life’ … Most of these people have nothing going on in their lives.”

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