RHOM Finale Recap: Larsa & Guerdy Get Into Explosive Fight, Guerdy Shaves Her Head Ahead of Chemo, Plus Marcus Clarifies Dad’s Comment, and Larsa Gets Promise Ring

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RHOM Finale Recap: Larsa and Guerdy Get Into an Explosive Fight, and Guerdy Shaves Her Head Ahead of Chemo, Plus Marcus Clarifies Dad’s Comment, and Larsa Gets Promise Ring

This week is the finale for the Real Housewives of Miami with an episode titled “Havana Nights. What do you think of Adriana’s scintillating performance? Will Guerdy and Larsa ever move past their feud? Let’s dip into the drama, shall we?

Larsa and Marcus sit down on their Separation Anxiety podcast to address Michael Jordan’s bombshell comment about his disapproval of their relationship. Marcus insists that his dad didn’t mean what he said and hasn’t met any of the women he’s dated, but he will be okay with whoever he ends up with. He adds that his mom fu**ing loves Larsa.

Guerdy visits Nicole, and Nicole shares that it’s been four months since she removed her IUD, and her hormones are balanced in preparation for baby number two. Guerdy discusses her plans for chemotherapy and brings up Larsa, revealing on her podcast that she bit her 😀!

Alexia has just moved into a new apartment and has a tough conversation with her son Peter about who will take care of Frankie when she’s no longer here as she’s his guardian. Peter assures her he loves his brother and will always be there for him, and whoever he marries has to be okay with Frankie.

We are at Lisa’s home, and her mom and aunt are visiting from Canada to watch over her kids because she and Jody are going on a much-needed vacation. Lisa says her mom stopped coming to her home due to Lenny’s attitude, and she has a month after her trip to move out of her and Lenny’s mansion. Her mom tells her she deserves better and reveals she texted Lenny, but he never responded. Lisa then states: “If you don’t have a certain level of wealth, Lenny’s family will look down on you.” And her aunt suggests that Lenny get his KARMA.

Adriana pulls up at Julia’s farm to hang out with her. Julia says now that Martina’s health is great, and she plans to get back into her groove of farming, finish the decoration inside her home, and lure Martina to spend half of her time in Miami and half with her on the farm because that’s what she really wants. Adriana complements Julia on her delicious Guayaba jam, and she says she would sell a jar for $30, to which Adriana exclaims and says it’s not CAVIAR, LOL! Adriana then gushes over her new song with Emilio Estefan and her upcoming party. Julia then calls Martina and introduces Houdini, the baby pig she rescued.

Fast forward to clips of the ladies getting dressed for Havana Night…. Now we are at Guerdy’s, and she’s getting ready to shave her head and prepare for chemotherapy. She thanks her husband Russell for his support; he cuts her braids and shaves her head. Guerdy looks stunning despite being bald, KUDOS.

Adriana has her dress rehearsal before the grand finale party, and she can’t wait to show the world her mash-up with Emilio. Frenemy Marysol calls in from France to wish her luck on her performance since she won’t attend the event.

It’s the day of Havana Night, and the ladies are heading to the event. On arrival, they exchange pleasantries, and Guerdy and Alexia are twinning in black and white. We see Ana Quincoces again, but Alexia is not leaving this time because she looks too good, and her buddy Marysol is absent. Nicole’s dad is also here with his girlfriend. Larsa insists that Marcus’ dad is okay with her relationship with his son, and Julia calls her out for not sharing enough, and she gets defensive.

Nicole’s dad, Mike, comes in hot with Isis, his younger girlfriend. Larsa tells the group to not only set intentions but also act on them. Nicole says this is her first time progressing with the group, and Alexia takes credit for uniting the ladies. Guerdy reflects on the trip to Mexico and says she bonded with Larsa and thought they had moved past their feud. She also reveals their pact about not discussing each other in the press. To her dismay, Larsa hinted on her podcast that her co-star bit her.

The ladies start to exchange words, and Larsa calls Guerdy dumb amid a heated fight and tells her to take care of her health as the cast looks on. Lisa later defends Larsa and says the comment was a joke. Guerdy gets triggered and loses her cool. In the heat of the moment, Guerdy takes off her wig and shows off her bald head. Russell intervenes and cautions Larsa to be respectful as Larsa fires back.

Guerdy walks away with Russell, and Lisa runs after her as Guerdy hesitates to speak to her. Kiki tries to calm her down but is unable to get a word in.

Inside, Lisa gushes over her relationship with Jody and says they go 50-50. Nicole’s dad dances with Kiki and gets a boner LOL. Adriana makes her grand entrance and steps on the stage to perform her song with Emilio as he plays Congas, and the guests party hard! After her performance, the ladies celebrate her, and we get our ending notes:

Between the time raising her kids and her modeling gigs, Kiki’s been spending time with a new man in Los Angeles.

Adriana continues to work with Emilio Estefan. Her new single drops in early 2024 with hopes of adding to Emilio’s Grammys total.

Marysol and Steven renewed their vows at Ardgowan Castle in Scotland, although they’re still not technically married. She’s planning another “legally non-binding” vow renewal with Todd and Alexia.

Renovations on Nicole’s new home are still a work in progress. Although her father passed away unexpectedly in November, she was able to tell him she was pregnant.

Larsa and Marcus are talking about marriage. Marcus has yet to introduce Larsa as his girlfriend to his dad, Michael Jordan. She’s not sure which one will happen first.

Julia’s pledge to live life to the fullest continues, and with Martina’s cancer in the rearview mirror, the two have restarted their hopes to adopt a child.

Alexia feels more positive than ever about Frankie’s progress, and contrary to rumors about her finances, Alexia just bought a Ferrari and took a luxury vacation to Italy with Todd.

Lisa moved into a condo while she waits for Lenny to build her a new house. Lenny is still contesting their settlement, so Lisa could be waiting for a while.

Guerdy is officially cancer-free!!!!!

This season of RHOM has been quite dramatic. We have the reunion coming up next week, which should be pretty spicy!