Kyle Richards on If She and Mauricio Have Dated Other People Amid Separation as Kathy Hilton Discusses Why She Was at RHOBH Reunion and If She’d Return

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Kyle Richards on If She and Mauricio Have Dated Other People Amid Separation & Talks “Really Rough Season” as Kathy Hilton Shares Why She Was at RHOBH Reunion and If She’d Return

Kyle Richards said she and her husband Mauricio Umansky have “maybe” dated other people since their separation, and she hinted at her “really rough season” – as sister Kathy Hilton addresses her potential return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Throughout the current season, castmates have questioned Kyle over her marital problems. Some of them even speculated on whether Mauricio cheated.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Kyle addressed her People’s Choice Award nomination for Reality TV Star of The Year.

“You know, it really does feel good [to be nominated]. It’s been a really rough season,” she said on the red carpet. “It does feel good. It’s little moments like that that make it a little tiny bit worth it sometimes.”

Regarding rumors she’s leaving the show and California, Kyle explained, “That time will come,” though she doesn’t know when.

The reporter then asked if she and Mauricio have dated other people.

“Uh, well, maybe,” she said, “maybe not, but we are free to [date].”

Her sister Kathy eventually joined the interview. She claimed she chose to film at the reunion to support Kyle after her “very, very, very tough year.”

“When they asked me [to appear], I said, ‘with great pleasure,'” Kathy explained. “Who wouldn’t want to be at that reunion?”

“There was a big twist that happened at the reunion that was very strange,” Kyle added. “It was a very odd ending.”

When asked if Kathy would come back to the show, she answered, “Never say never.”

“You never know,” said Kyle to the idea of filming with her two sisters, Kathy and Kim Richards. “I would like to see that too.”

In a separate interview with Extra, Kyle and Kathy were interrupted by Carmen Electra, who shared that she’s a big fan of the show.

 “I don’t miss a show. I am addicted,” said Carmen. Kyle then suggested that Carmen join the cast. “I will scissor you [Kyle], I will scissor you!”

Kyle then addressed where she stands with Mauricio since their separation.

“We are doing okay. We’re actually pretty good, considering. We’re very good friends,” she explained. “We always were, even as a married couple. We live in the same house, we are family — we’re doing good, considering.”

“I never thought we would be in the situation,” she said, as Kathy agreed. “To be getting along like this, having dinner… together, but not together.”