Teddi Mellencamp Shares Dorit Kemsley’s Text About Kyle Richards Sent to Mutual Friends as She Slams Dorit for Leaking Kyle’s Text & Suggests She’s Trying to Save RHOBH Job

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Teddi Mellencamp Says Dorit Kemsley Crossed the Line by Leaking Private Texts With Kyle, & Suggests Antics is for RHOBH Return as She Makes New Shocking Claim Against Her

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Much of the recent talk in the reality TV space lately has been about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Dorit sharing a private text from Kyle while filming the show. Of course, the full text message made it into the show. Now, Teddi Mellencamp is calling Dorit out for the invasion of privacy. 

Teddi isn’t the only reality TV star to call out Dorit over what she did. Most people seem to feel that it was out of line and that production should have never included it. 

Teddi and Tamra talked about it on a recent episode of Two Ts In A Pod. Like everyone else, they were against the text being shown, but Teddi had much more to say. 

Teddi starts by saying, “I really think it’s crossing the line.”

She continues, “You have to also understand the invasion of privacy you feel when that kind of message is leaked.”

Teddi then goes on to say that leaking the message was Dorit’s way of telling production they need to have her back next season. “I think that was Dorit’s final Hail Mary of like you guys have to keep me on the show,” claimed Teddi.

Teddi ends by saying, “By doing this shows I am a friend to no one.”

Teddi also talked about her own friendship with Dorit and how Dorit has said she puts her friendship with Kyle above the show. However, her exposing the text shows the opposite. 

“I have text messages that she has sent to our mutual friends saying I really hope that Kyle knows that I will put her above the show,” revealed Teddi.

During the podcast, Tamra also points out that the text Dorit showed “wasn’t even juicy” and that it was just sad.  

Unfortunately, even if Dorit is invited back for season 14 of RHOBH, things are not looking good for her friendship with Kyle. However, we can’t predict the future, and the two might be able to work things out. 

The first part of the reunion airs on February 28. Part two will be on March 6, and the final part of the reunion for RHOBH season 13 will air on March 13.