Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Speaks Out Amid Backlash for Questioning Ex Carl Radke’s Sobriety and She Explains Her Reason, and Shares Thoughts on Newbie Jesse Solomon

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Lindsay Hubbard Defends Her Questioning of Carl Radke's Sobriety, Says The Signs Were There, Plus She has no Plans For Romance With Jesse Solomon

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Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard has gotten some backlash. On the latest episode of the Bravo series, Lindsay was seen questioning her ex, Carl Radke‘s sobriety and even going as far as to refer to him as “Cocaine Carl.”

Now, Lindsay is defending herself and saying fans haven’t seen what she’s seen. Plus, she is saying no to romance with Jesse Solomon

She took to her Instagram Stories on Friday on which she shared a lengthy statement.

“After watching back this week’s episode, I wish I had used better wording. I was emotional and hurt by what had transpired earlier in the night and what I said was meant to be a private conversation at home with one of my girlfriends,” wrote Lindsay.

She continued, “I have never questioned his sobriety before this moment and from day one I was his biggest supporter. I have always been transparent on the show about my feelings and have leaned on my friends for support and that was my only intention here.

Lindsay Hubbard addresses questioning Carl Radke’s Sobriety

Fans of the show will recall that Carl celebrated two years of sobriety in January of last year. After Lindsay’s statement was shared on the Queens of Bravo’s Instagram page, many fans called her out and some also questioned her claims that she was blindsided by Carl calling off their wedding last year.

“She had this saved on her drafts and waited til the premiere 🤭,” wrote one fan.

“Lindsey and Sandoval would make a perfect couple. They both can’t take accountability for anything!!” another fan suggested.

“I think I missed the part where she said “I’m sorry,” observed one viewer.

“And now the real story comes out and she will no longer be perceived as the victim and blindsided damsel,” added another commenter.

“Who refers to their fiancé as “cocaine Carl,” questioned one fan.

Lindsay also spoke to US Weekly days before the episode aired. She said, “I think once you see that episode, you’re going to see more of the bigger, fuller story that comes along with that little snippet [from the trailer]. She continued, “Then, of course, everyone’s going to have their opinions.”

Lindsay then admitted that she was worried about Carl. Of course, at the time the clip was filmed, they were set to be married. She said, “At the end of the day, this was over summer. I was in love with this man. This was the man I was about to marry. He was my fiancé. Any questioning that I had came from love and concern as you would with any decisions or odd behavior from your partner.”

Lindsay continues, “If you’re displaying a little bit of odd behavior, I’m going to start trying to figure out where that odd behavior is coming from. But it’s only because I love you and I’m concerned about you. So I think once that episode airs and the full story is developed, then everyone can have their opinions on it.”

Regarding her dating life, Lindsay has said that she is not considering dating men from reality TV shows. She says this includes men from networks other than Bravo. 

Recently, Page Six asked her how she felt about Jessie, who is new to Summer House

LIndsay said, “Jesse, you know, he’s very memorable, and he’s good-looking. The ladies love him!”

Fans can watch Summer House on Thursday nights on Bravo.