Crystal Minkoff Accuses Dorit Kemsley of Being “2 Hours” Late to RHOBH Reunion Set, and Shares Reason for Her Tardiness as Cast Was Annoyed

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Crystal Minkoff Says Dorit Was 'Hours' Late to the Reunion Set, Says Cast Was Annoyed at her for Posting TikToks, Even Andy Remarked on Her Tardiness

Credit: Instagram/Crystal Kung-Minkoff/Dorit Kemsley

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion has begun airing. This follows a jam-packed season that saw relationship changes, medical accusations, and the return of Denise Richards.

Of course, there has been much talk about the drama on the stage. However, Crystal Minkoff is now sharing some behind-the-scenes tea about Dorit Kemsley being late and holding everyone up. 

It is a pretty widely known fact that the Housewives get up super early and film super late for the reunions. It’s because of this that someone being hours late to set is a massive deal. 

Recently, Crystal sat down on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live and talked about what happened behind the scenes. According to her, most things went just fine. However, Dorit was the last to join everyone else on stage. 

To begin, Jeff was discussing the reunion looks and asked Crystal what she thought of Dorit’s dress. 

Crystal said, “Okay, so this is what really pissed me off. We had to wait two hours for her to get ready.” 

Cynthia, who was also a guest, then said, “That took two hours?” She then talked about how simple Dorit’s look was. 

Crystal continues, “We were just waiting and waiting.”

She then talks about texting Sutton and how they were both upset at how long Dorit kept them waiting. Crystal also said they kept seeing various TikTok videos of her getting ready. 

She goes on, “We got there at like 5:30, and then we didn’t start until like 10. Look, if she has a wardrobe malfunction, I get that, but then we were watching all these videos of her playing around in there. I was like, it’s rude.”

Jeff then talks about Andy even commenting on being there so early without her being ready. Crystal then clarified that they were supposed to start filming shortly after 8 a.m. She felt that she would have had time to even take her kids to school had she known that everyone wouldn’t be ready by the call time. 

Apparently, Dorit didn’t even apologize to the group. 

When Jeff asked if “everyone was pissed at” Dorit, Crystal responded: “Yeah… And then she’s like, ‘Hi.’ We’re like, ‘Hi,’ but like say, ‘Oh, sorry.’ You know, I would be running in [like] ‘I’m so sorry, this happened.'”