PHOTOS: PK Kemsley is Spotted Without His Wedding Ring After Wife Dorit Kemsley Questioned Marriage on RHOBH, See His Pics

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOBH: PK Kemsley spotted without wedding ring after Dorit Kemsley questioned if they’ll “be able to stay together.”

Credit: Instagram/Doritkemsley

PK Kemsley was spotted without his wedding ring after his wife Dorit Kemsley questioned on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if they’ll “be able to stay together.”

In the past, Dorit expressed her disappointment in PK for living part-time in England amid her PTSD after the gunpoint home invasion.

On Wednesday afternoon, PK was photographed in Los Angeles – without a wedding ring – while dining with Sadie Turner, an author.

The photo, per via Page Six, was taken after Dorit questioned whether the couple would “be able to stay together.”

Wearing ripped jeans and a sweatshirt, PK was spotted smoking a cigarette and holding his phone amid his outing with the author. Sadie also wore a sweater and jeans, along with orange sneakers.

A source told the outlet that they dined together “for hours” and seemed in a good mood.

“PK and I have a lot of work to do,” said Dorit on a recent episode of RHOBH. She added, “I love my husband, but I just hope eventually, something can change, because I have moments where I worry, will we be able to stay together?”

“No matter how hard I try, it feels like he’s never gonna take me seriously and be as present as I need him to be when I need him, and maybe he’ll never change, but do I have to accept that he won’t? Can I? I don’t know,” said Dorit.

In an earlier episode, Dorit and PK discussed the severity of her PTSD after the home invasion.

“There are elements I understand. There are also elements that I don’t consider are PTSD — I don’t. I consider they’re more obnoxious,” said PK. He then called her “high maintenance.”