Summer House’s Danielle Olivera Shares How She Discovered Joe Bradley’s Alleged Hookup With Luann, Where They Stand After Split, Update With Lindsay and Comment on Carl’s Sobriety

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Summer House’s Danielle Olivera Opens Up about Breakup with Joe Bradley, How She Discovered His Alleged Hookup with Luann, and Her Current Friendship with Lindsay Hubbard

Credit: Instagram/DanielleOlivera/Joe Bradley

Danielle Olivera opened up about her breakup with Joe Bradley, his alleged hookup with Luann de Lesseps, and her new friendship with Lindsay Hubbard on the current season of Summer House.

Though her situationship with Joe seemed strong for several months, he got flirty with Luann on Watch What Happens Live, and later claimed they ended things amicably.

“I don’t know what planet he’s on,” said Danielle of Joe, in an interview for Gabbing with Gib. “But [it was] definitely not amicable. Definitely not on good terms … He’s really good at copping out … [It’s] his way of maintaining this good-guy image.”

Danielle claimed he “love bomb[ed]” her earlier in the relationship, saying he “loved” her and would call her his “girlfriend.”

According to Danielle, she started catching him in lies, and she ironed his shirt the day he shared in an interview that he was pumping the breaks on their romance – even though it was Danielle who actually suggested it.

She said Joe shared his location with her, which is why she could see that – after they hung out with Luann – Joe’s location moved to the Upper East Side (which is near Luann’s home).

But when Danielle texted him about it, Joe allegedly claimed he was “meeting up with [his] Michigan college friends.”

She said he came over to her home the next morning, saying, ‘Wish you were there. [It was a] fun night.”

Danielle also claimed she was in “bed” with Joe when the rumors about him and Luann surfaced.

“He just lied,” she said. “He kept lying and lying and lying.”

Danielle alleged she later got confirmation, from someone else, that something did happen between Luann and Joe. And after the rumors surfaced, Joe stopped being “communicative.”

“It ended [when I told him], ‘I can’t believe I allowed you in my orbit. It’s laughable,'” recalled Danielle. “And he didn’t respond to that.”

Addressing her relationship with Lindsay throughout the current season, Danielle claimed they felt “normal” again in many ways, but she decided not to share too much of her opinion about Lindsay’s relationship.

Danielle was also asked about Lindsay’s accusation that her then-fiancé Carl Radke wasn’t sober on a certain night out, and was acting distant with her.

“I think she wanted more out of him to support her and to be in lockstep, and they just weren’t,” shared Danielle, who suggested that Lindsay was associating Carl’s “fun self” with “not being sober.”

Concerning their split, Danielle shared she “didn’t want to be right” about the problems she foresaw.