Erika Jayne & Kathy Hilton Face Backlash for “Disgusting” Response to Sutton’s Medical Emergency at RHOBH Reunion as Fans React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Fans Slam Erika Jayne and Kathy Hilton for Their “Disgusting” Response after Sutton Stracke’s Medical Event at RHOBH Reunion: “Classless”

Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo, Instagram/Sutton Stracke

Fans slammed Erika Jayne and Kathy Hilton for their “disgusting” response following Sutton Stracke’s medical event at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. At the time, Sutton began shaking soon after Kathy entered the set.

But after Sutton was escorted out, Kathy and Erika calmly chatted, and Kathy suggested that Sutton used the medical event to get out of the conflict – because Kathy was about to confront her.

“I found that odd,” wrote one fan on Instagram, reacting to the clip shared by @byewighellodrama. “While everybody else is showing concern [Erika and Kathy] just act like it’s a typical break their on 🤷‍♀️ they seemed very unbothered by it.”

“I thought EJ and Kathy’s behaviour was disgusting,” said a different user.

“I don’t care how much money you have, how famous you are or how big your house. You should respect the ppl around you!” exclaimed another.

“Kathy’s remark to EJ [that] she knew I was coming for her and that’s why she reacted the way she did. That was so classless Mrs. Hilton,” said a fourth fan. “You do have a mean and rude side to you.”

“If I were Sutton I’d be done with the Sanderson Sisters as a whole (Kathy, Kim, and Vile Kyle.),” said another critic.

“[Kathy] and Erika cozying up was so fake 😂 also Sutton baby some of these ladies could care less about you,” wrote a different viewer. “Keep those eyes wide open.”

But one fan wondered if there’s more to the story.

“Hmm Sutton saying she got a little scared [but] she was fine the whole show until Kathy joined,” said the user. “I wonder what happened between these two.”