Lisa Rinna Addresses If She’d Ever Return to RHOBH and Shares What the Show Taught Her

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Lisa Rinna Addresses If She'd Ever Return to RHOBH and Shares What the Show Taught Her

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just recently finished its latest season. Many fans have been wondering if Lisa Rinna would return for the upcoming edition. Now, she’s weighing in on the possibility of coming back to Bravo.

Fans will recall that Lisa made a cameo in season four of the show before officially joining the next year. However, after years on the show, she sent a resignation letter to the bosses at Bravo in 2023. During her time on RHOBH, Lisa was regarded as a troublemaker. 

Now, during a guest appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Jennifer talked to Lisa about a variety of topics, but the question many fans have is if she’ll return to RHOBH

In responding to Jennifer, Lisa said, “No. Never. No, I wouldn’t. But listen, I’m grateful for the experience. I think that it has made me a better actor because I’m acting again.”

The audience laughed at that comment. Lisa then responded, “I’m not kidding. You laugh, but it’s true. I think it made me a better actor. Working with those women, going through that experience. I just did a movie called Mommy Meanest, which I trained for eight years on that show.”

Lisa continued, “I definitely did, and I had a lot to pull from. I have a lot to pull from after working for eight years on that show. You know, different psychologies of different women. I would never come across that if I hadn’t done that show. I’m grateful for that show, I’m the person I am today because of it, but I’ll never go back”

Though Lisa was a fan favorite for many seasons, she has said before that she hated her last season on the series. Unfortunately, many fans fell out of love with her towards the end of her time there. However, as she said in the preview clip from The Jennifer Hudson Show, Lisa has been acting again. Besides the work she mentioned, Lisa was recently in the American Horror Stories show on Hulu. Additionally, she was on the cover of Cosmo.