Brittany Cartwright Accuses Jax Taylor of Making People Feel Bad About Themselves as Jax Suggests His “Brain” Is the Reason He’s “Not a Good Person,” Plus Source Dishes on Their Run-In at ‘The Valley’ Premiere Party

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Brittany Cartwright Accuses Jax Taylor of Making People Feel Bad

Credit: Instagram

Jax Taylor suggested his “brain” is the reason he’s “not a good person,” but claimed it’s worse when he’s “backed into a corner” – as his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright clapped back.

Around the same time, a source indicated that the Vanderpump Rules alums – who are now starring in The Valley – are truly separated (despite speculation that they’re faking it for publicity), and were barely around each other at the premiere party.

“I don’t want to self-diagnose, but … there’s something definitely wrong with my brain. I’m aware of that. I’m trying to figure that out,” said Jax on his ‘When Reality Hits’ podcast, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram.

Guest Kristen Doute then called him “Jacked up Jax.”

“He’s not a good person” said Jax of himself, and claimed it’s worse when he’s “backed into a corner.”

But Brittany soon clapped back, “You’re the one who starts stuff … all the time.”

“I don’t start it,” Jax interjected.

“So, you can’t be like, ‘I’m only like that when I’m backed into a corner’ because actually, you are the main issue a majority of the time,” Brittany responded.

Jax then defended himself: “There wouldn’t be Vanderpump Rules if I didn’t do that.”

“You can’t say that you only do these things when you’re backed in a corner because that’s not true,” she insisted.

Kristen then agreed, telling Jax, “You poke the bear, but you don’t want your bear to be poked.”

“You can dish it, but you can’t take it,” Brittany added.

“I can take it. You’re just going to get an earful,” said Jax. “Nobody wants to take it! … I’m not just going to sit down and take it … I’m going to say something in return – whether I’m right or wrong.”

Brittany shared that Jax is good at hitting “where it hurts” and making people “feel bad about themselves.”

He then speculated, “I think I learned that from Lala [Kent] and Scheana [Shay].”

According to a report from Daily Mail, Brittany and Jax’s separation is real, as they avoided each other throughout the entire premiere party on Thursday at Jax’s Studio City bar.

They allegedly only were together when the cast was shooting photos for the press, and then parted again after the cameras went away.

Their castmates Michelle and Jesse Lally also remained apart through the evening. They announced their separation to Us Weekly hours after the premiere party.

Jax showed up to the event hours before Brittany, and seemed in a good mood while interfacing with castmates and guests. He allegedly looked happy to be returning to the small screen, and sat himself right in front of the television as the premiere began playing.

Brittany came significantly later and seemed less happy than her estranged husband. Throughout the evening, she stayed close to Kristen, Michelle, comedian Heather McDonald, and her publicist Lori Krebs.

Jax chose to spend time with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, and executive producer Alex Baskin.

Following the event, Jax, Kristen, Sandoval, Schwartz, and other costars from The Valley partied in Hollywood at The Bourbon Room.

Per one source, the father-of-one was “enjoying the party” and appeared “upbeat and excited,” though Brittany wasn’t with them. He allegedly told multiple guests that infidelity wasn’t the reason for their split. He claimed “communication” issues caused it, and he didn’t cheat this time.