The Valley: Brittany Cartwright Admits She Had Sex Twice With Jax in Past Year Before Separation, and Explains Why Their Son is in Speech Therapy

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
The Valley’s Brittany Cartwright Discusses Lack of Sex Life With Jax Taylor Before Split, and Shares Real Reason Son Cruz is in Speech Therapy

Credit: Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright opened up about her sex life with Jax Taylor before their separation, and she shared why their son is now in speech therapy. The Valley stars, who’ve been off Vanderpump Rules for several seasons, split soon after the season finished filming, though cameras rushed back to capture the drama.

The mother of one recently shared that Jax refused to do couple’s therapy, and after a series of fights, she decided it was time to leave. She now lives in an Airbnb while Jax stays in the shared home.

 “When Jax and I first met, it was awesome. We were having sex all the time, 24/7,” said Brittany on last night’s episode of The Valley. “I mean, we didn’t miss a day. And then it has just changed dramatically. I’m talking like twice in the past year.”

“You know those like old Westerns where like the tumbleweed rolls around? Like, that’s our sex life,” she added in a confessional. “I am the old tumbleweed.”

In a conversation with Jax at their home as they waited for Cruz’s speech therapist, Brittany opened up about their parenting journey.

“We just put the kid first for so long,” said Brittany. “And he’s always going to come first, let’s be real. But we still have to be strong.”

“Cruz has done everything on time when it comes to crawling, walking, sitting up. He was saying, ‘dada,’ ‘mama,’ ‘doggy,’ things like that. And then he just seemed to regress one day,” she went on. “Like, he stopped talking almost altogether… And now we are going to put him in speech therapy just to make sure that he has all the help that he needs.”

Later during his own confessional, Jax also opened up about their lack of intimacy.

“I think it’s safe to say that the romantic spark is just not there right now. I will take blame. Yeah, I let that spark fizzle,” Jax admitted. “It’s just not fair to either one of us. Especially it’s not fair to my wife. She deserves to have a man be loving to her.”

In recent days, Brittany said her future with Jax is still up in the air – though it’s all in his hands.