BravoCon Is Going on Hiatus in 2024 and Returning to Las Vegas in 2025 as the Network Plans to Host Smaller Events, Plus Andy Cohen Speaks

by Barnell Anderson Comments
BravoCon Is Going on Hiatus in 2024, Returning to Las Vegas in 2025 as the Network Plans to Host Smaller Events, Plus Andy Cohen Speaks

Credit: Bravo

Fans of Bravo shows such as The Real Housewives of whatever city were anticipating there being a BravoCon this year. However, Andy Cohen made the announcement recently that the celebrated convention would be on pause for 2024.

They made sure to give the dates for next year so fans could make plans. Additionally, Bravo plans to host events throughout the year in various cities around the country.

For those not in the know, BravoCon is typically a yearly event where several Bravo stars serve on panels and meet the fans. There are also often advanced screenings of trailers and announcements for new shows. The first BravoCon happened in New York in 2019 and took place at various venues. The latest BravoCon happened in Las Vegas.

Andy Cohen delivered the news via a video posted on social media. He starts with Heather‘s iconic phrase, “Receipts, proof, timeline,” from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale. Andy continues, “BravoCon is returning to Las Vegas in 2025.” After this, the video goes into an ad for the convention that shows iconic moments from throughout the years. 

BravoCon is scheduled for November 14 to 16, 2025, at Caesars Forum. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has plans to make up for the absence of the event. The first Bravo event is called “Watch by Bravo,” and it’s set to take place in New York and Los Angeles. Fans who attend will be treated to advanced screenings of upcoming shows. 

It should be noted that Bravo canceling this year’s convention doesn’t seem to be due to a lack of interest. The network shared that around 27,000 people attended BravoCon 2023, and 78% of attendees called it “one of the best weekends of their lives.” Additionally, 87% said they would be “excited to come back to Las Vegas for a future BravoCon.”

Still, people are wondering why Bravo decided not to host the event this year. One thought people have is that the execs at the network think skipping a year will make fans look forward to it even more. This could be the case, as they probably don’t want it to get stale. 

Additionally, some of Bravo’s biggest shows are currently in the rebuilding stages, and it would make sense that they’d want to put off BravoCon until they get things figured out for casting and reboots. In many ways, hosting BravoCon might rush them to make these decisions because fans would expect announcements during the event.