Jill Zarin Blames Chief Stew Fraser Olender for “Disaster” on Below Deck Trip, Calls Out Crew’s “Attitude,” and Reveals What Fraser Promised at Start of Charter

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Jill Zarin Blames Chief Stew Fraser Olender for “Disaster” Below Deck Trip, Calls Out Crew’s “Attitude,” and Reveals What Fraser Promised at Start of Charter

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jill Zarin blamed chief stew Fraser Olender for her “disaster” trip on Below Deck, called out the crew’s “attitude,” and revealed what Fraser promised them at the start of the charter.

The Real Housewives of New York alum was slammed by crew and fans for her specific requests. At one point, she asked for a certain type of ice for her Diet Coke, and she suggested that she have a bell to call for crew members more easily.

Speaking on the Juicy Scoop podcast, Jill claimed she didn’t regret her behavior on the show.

“I went into it with the attitude that I want to make a good show. I was me, I literally was me. I was me the way I am in my real life,” said Jill, via Page Six.

“I kind of blame [Fraser] for the trip being a total disaster,” she added. “If I like my Diet Coke then I want another. If I don’t like it then I will send it back. If I don’t like my food then I send it back. Most people do.”

Jill then called out the crew’s “attitude.”

“I think if the crew had a different attitude toward me and said ‘Jill, she’s a little pushy, she’s a Jewish mother, she’s a little bit of a know it all’ I think everybody would have leaned into it,” the star explained.

She said the two-day trip cost her friend $45,000, which included lodging and “five meals.”

“You get on the boat at 12 and right away you get lunch,” the star continued. “You get an explanation — which I actually taped on my phone that I am going to post — of Fraser explaining the layout of the next two days.”

“In fact, one of the things he emphasized which is ironic is that there would be snacks and food all the time everywhere. He actually emphasized and completely didn’t deliver,” she said. “When I think about the trip, it was the head stew’s job to make sure things went seamlessly, and I kind of blame him for the trip being a total disaster.”

Jill claimed she “felt terrible” for the friends who footed the bill.

“They spent an enormous amount of money [and] I wanted them to have an amazing experience,” Jill explained. “I did this show because my friends wanted to go on TV. I don’t blame them, a lot of people do. [But] I didn’t mind doing it with them because as long as I am me, I am good.”