Katie Maloney Dishes on Awkward Encounter With Raquel Leviss at Awards Show and Claps Back at ‘Worst Dressed’ Diss

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Katie Maloney Addresses Awkward Encounter with Raquel Leviss at Awards Event, Claims Raquel Tried to “Cut in Line” at Red Carpet to Avoid Her, and Shades Her “Worst Dressed” Diss

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Katie Maloney addressed her awkward encounter with Raquel Leviss at the iHeart Music Awards Show, claimed Raquel tried to “cut in line” on the red carpet, and shaded the Vanderpump Rules alum’s ‘worst dressed’ diss.

After the event, Raquel and Jo Wenberg shared an article calling Katie and her podcast co-host Dayna Kathan the ‘worst dressed’ at the event. But Raquel admitted she regretted doing it, and apologized to Katie.

“So we get in line for the carpet, and I turn around and [Raquel]’s getting out of her car,”  Dayna shared on her and Katie’s ‘Disrespectfully’ podcast. “We’re feet away from each other.”

“She looks so visibly uncomfortable,” Katie added. “I’m just like standing here. I’m really not paying you any attention or mind. I’m just waiting to like go get my picture taken so I can go inside and get a drink. I’m not trying to like make a situation happen here.”

Despite her claim that she wasn’t paying attention, Katie then explained all the things Raquel was doing.

“She just was like really trying to not make eye contact,” said Katie. “She was trying to skip the line. She was trying to get away from us. I’m like, man, I don’t care.”

Katie revealed her reaction to Raquel and Jo sharing the ‘worst dressed’ article.

“I see that and I’m just like, ‘That’s all you have to say? Like I feel like you could have done better,'” said Katie. “If you’re gonna try to shade, that’s not very good.”

She also suggested that Raquel should have tagged her, and “[said] it with your whole f**king chest.”

Katie then seemed to address Raquel’s apology. She first explained that after watching last season, Katie “felt bad” about what Raquel “went through” over Tom, and Katie already “acknowledged” she wasn’t in a good place when she “came for [Raquel] on the internet.”

“So it’s weird that like she’s now choosing to kind of like have this weird… I don’t know, it’s odd to me,” she said.

Katie later shaded Raquel’s “messy” publicist who “talks s**t” about her in the “comments section.” Dayna claimed the publicist isn’t “good at her job,” because their attempt to cut in line didn’t work.