RHOC Alum Meghan King Says Teresa and Luis’ Marriage is Doomed, and Expresses Fears for RHONJ Star’s Daughters, Plus She Bashes the Current State of the Show

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RHOC Alum Meghan King Says Teresa and Luis' Marriage is Doomed, and Expresses Fears for RHONJ's Star's Daughters, Plus She Bashes the Current State of the Show,

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It’s been a few years since Meghan King has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County. However, the former reality star does a solid job of staying in the public eye. Recently, she sat down for an interview, and she not only shared her thoughts on the state of RHOC since she left, but she also said quite a bit about Teresa Giudice being married to Luis Ruelas. Additionally, she doesn’t believe the marriage will end well for Teresa.

Most fans know Meghan King for her stint on RHOC. She joined the show in 2015, but she departed three years later in 2018. Meghan has been divorced twice since leaving the show with the most recent marriage ending in 2022.

Recently, Megan sat down on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, and the RHOC alum had quite a bit to say about the world of Bravo.

At one point, the conversation turned to Meghan calling Luis a “slimeball” on Watch What Happens Live.

In discussing why Teresa can’t see it, Meghan says, “Teresa has a huge heart, and that makes her a prime candidate to go after, a prime victim.”

She goes on to say he’s trying his best to separate her from her family and that she fears for Teresa’s daughters.

“And he’s on a campaign. Getting her away from her family. I’m worried about the daughters the most.”

She continues, “Because the grown-ups can see Louie for the slime ball he is. The kids, they love their mommy, as they should, and they’re gonna support their mommy always. And they’re gonna get hurt because Louie’s true colors will come out, and it’s gonna hurt them because they’re gonna blindly support their mom, and then they’re gonna realize they shouldn’t have. And that’s gonna hurt them.”

Meghan then says she sees this all ending badly for Teresa.

“I want it to [be a positive situation]. I really wanted it to. I really want it to be wrong, but I’m not. I know. We want a fairytale ending. This is not it. He feels a love for his fame right now, and the money he’s getting, and the attention he’s getting. If she wasn’t on TV, he would be done. Caput. The end. He’s just basking in the limelight.”

David asked for clarification on whether Louie would be around if Teresa wasn’t famous, and she said, “No, no.” Additionally, she doesn’t think Teresa is a bad judge of character. Instead, Meghan thinks she’s enjoying the moment and being in love.

When asked about the state of the show today and if bringing back Tamra Judge “saved” it, Meghan had this to say, “I mean, it’s unfortunate, the franchise is s**t. It’s kind of trashy. It’s forced. “

She goes on to say that despite loving Tamra, she feels the whole show is staged and overly produced. However, she does believe that Tamra saved the show from the direction it was heading.

David then asked Meghan if she could see a RHONY-style reboot in the cards for RHOC.

She says, “No, it’s probably gonna get canceled.”

However, she then changes her stance and says it may move to Peacock because all-out cancellation “would be a bad look for Bravo.”

Meghan then says that the network bringing back Vicki would be a bad sign for the show. She also admits that she and Vicki have never been “good.” As for why they are not on good terms, she says it’s because she helped Brooks fake cancer, and she would never have sympathy for a person like that. Additionally, Meghan believes that Tamra “uncovered” the truth about Vicki lying about Brooks’ diagnosis.

“If they bring back Vicki that’s when you know things are bad because Vicki was not doing any favors for that show,” Meghan says.

When asked outright if Tamra knew about Vicki lying for Brooks, Meghan says, “No, she wasn’t covering. She was uncovering. Tamra knew. Tamra is intuitive. “

However, Megan says that she does understand Vicki’s desire to go back to how things were when she was the face of the show. She believes it’s natural to feel that way when your career ends before you want it to. She also doesn’t consider Vicki desperate.

She was then asked if she would return to the show, to which she replied, “I tried to go back. They didn’t want me back.” She goes on to say that she now lives in St. Louis and not the OC, which would mean her moving would be “inauthentic.” Meghan also mentioned expressing to production that she wanted to move.

When asked who she wouldn’t want to be on Ultimate Girls Trip with, Meghan said Vicki.

According to Meghan, “I don’t respect her because she faked cancer. How do you get past that?”

David then mentions how Vicki still insists she knew nothing about Brooks faking cancer, and Meghan responds, “She better f***king stand by that, otherwise, she’s ruined.”

Fans can watch Meghan’s seasons of RHOC on Peacock.