RHOA Alum Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Shut Down Divorce Rumors as Kandi Addresses What Caused Split Speculation and Not Wearing Her Ring, Plus They Are Spotted Together in New Pic

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RHOA’s Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Shut Down Divorce Rumors as Kandi Addresses What Caused Split Speculation and Not Wearing Her Ring

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Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and veteran entertainer Kandi Burruss‘ marriage to Todd Tucker has been plagued with rumors of infidelity quite a bit over the years. Unfortunately, this continues despite them no longer being on the show. In fact, rumblings of trouble in paradise have increased more recently thanks to a blind item. Now, Kandi and Todd are addressing the discussions they may be following behind Porsha and heading to divorce court. 

As fans of RHOA will recall, Kandi and Todd actually met while filming the show as he was a crew member. The two got married in 2014, and they have always seemed to be happy despite rumors of him being an opportunist and Kandi’s mother initially being against the relationship. 

Recently, a blind item asserted that Kandi had plans to serve Todd with divorce papers. You can see a reading of the blind item below:


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In response to the rumors, Kandi told US Weekly, “Riley actually sent it to me. She was like, ‘Why do people keep saying that y’all about to get divorced?’ I was like, ‘don’t know.”

However, Kandi does think she knows where the rumors of a divorce from Todd came from. She thinks they stemmed from a video they did together where people believed their energies seemed off. 

According to Kandi, “I think it came from Todd and I on his YouTube. We were doing this thing called Todd and the Glam Squad where I would get my hair and makeup done [and] he would sit, and we would talk about hot topics or relationship issues.”

Todd, who was also in the interview, chimed in and said that the two are great at debating topics, and it was passion that the fans were seeing. 

Kandi continues, “We’re passionate when we go back and forth. I think people kind of mistook that to say we were angry with each other. But we’re [just] debating the topic. We’re going back and forth about this. I’ve been like that my whole life. As soon as we have a back and forth, I can walk out the room and be like, ‘OK, now what are we doing next?’ Whereas I guess to somebody that’s watching it, they are thinking that it’s more than that.”

Todd went on to say that people even went as far as analyzing his body language and believed he was actually angry. 

They’re analyzing [it like], ‘Wow, he said this.’ Or his posture.’ You know how they do,” But it was just good, fun conversation, and people just took it wrong. I was like, ‘We are with each other every day.’ It’s not like, ‘haven’t seen him together. His ring isn’t on or something.”

Kandi then points out that she’s the one that doesn’t typically wear her ring. 

“Today I do. But they’ll be like, ‘Why doesn’t she have on her ring?’ I hardly ever have it on. He always has his on. If he doesn’t have it on — then it’s going to be a problem. That’s going to be a problem.”

Besides the interview, the two were recently seen walking around the streets of NYC while promoting their Broadway revival of The Wiz

The Wiz opened on Broadway recently and has so far been called “fun,” but not everyone seems to love the play. Still, it’s early in its run and will probably go on to great success.