RHOA: Falynn Pina Claims Porsha & Simon Were Dating for a Year While He Was Married to Her, Says Dennis Told Her as She & Dennis Hangout Together

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VIDEOS: Falynn Pina Claims Porsha & Simon Were Dating While He Was Married to Her, Says Dennis Told Her as She & Dennis Hangout Together

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Porsha Williams divorcing Simon Guobadia has been one of the biggest stories in reality TV so far this year. This is because, for a while, the two were going at it by continuing to file court motions against the other. Plus, it seemed like Simon was already seeing other women. Now, Simon’s ex, Falynn Guobadia, has revealed that Porsha and Simon were together much longer than anyone thought.

Simon and Falynn got married in June 2019. However, the marriage didn’t last long, as they announced their split in 2021, which was after her time on RHOA had come and gone. Previously, it was believed that Porsha and Simon started dating in April 2021, but perhaps that’s not the case.

Recently, Falynn had quite a bit to say about the relationship timeline when she was on The Baller Alert Show. She says, “They were dating for a year while I was [still] happily married, and that came from Dennis’ mouth.”

The hosts of the show then asked if Dennis, who is Porsha’s ex, knew about the romance, and she clarified that he was the one who told her.

She says, “Yeah, he was the one who told me. He apologized, and we met up at Crew one night, and he wanted to talk about business, but I guess it was bothering him, and he apologized for everything.”

She continues, “He was like, Falynn, I thought you knew the whole time that they were f***ing around. All of Atlanta knew. How did you miss that?”

She then says that she was “not allowed out” when she was with Simon.

She goes on to say that Porsha had Dennis under the impression that Falynn knew about their dating. Additionally, the infamous pool scene from RHOA was their first interaction, and Falynn now knows that Porsha and Simon were already together when they filmed it. She also shared that she requested to be introduced to the show through Porsha.

The hosts then asked Falynn if she sensed anything between Porsha and Simon when they filmed the scene.

She says she didn’t sense anything. However, she says, “Everybody tags me in the comments and tells me, ‘Falynn, you need to rewatch it now that you know.'”

She noted Porsha’s reaction to her saying she and Simon were planning to do a ring upgrade. Porsha seemed almost surprised by Falynn saying that. The above video includes the scene at the end.

Additionally, it seems Falynn and Dennis might actually be friends, and they were recently out and also went live on social media together.

So, what do you think? Do you believe Porsha and Simon were together for that long? Of course, many fans are pointing out that Falynn is also in the wrong because she cheated on Simon.