Janet Caperna Makes Shocking Allegations Against Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham as The Valley Stars React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Janet Caperna Claims Kristen Said She’s Using Her Pregnancy to be “Conniving” and “Mean,” and Accuses Zack of Wishing Death on Unborn Child, See the Valley Stars Responded

Credit: Instagram

Janet Caperna made shocking allegations against Kirsten Doute and her friend Zack Wickham – as Kristen reacted, and Zack accused Janet’s “minions” of being desperate for camera time on The Valley.

In recent episodes, Janet refused to invite Zack and Kristen to a cast event, and Zack cried after learning about it. But when she called him to clear the air, things got worse.

In an interview for the “Gabbing with Gib” podcast, Janet denied she was trying to ice Kristen out. She also claimed Kristen wasn’t “supportive” of her pregnancy, and didn’t “check in” on her.

At one point, she suggested that Kristen said Janet was “using” her pregnancy to be “conniving” and a “mean girl.” Janet claimed she believes Kristen and Zach didn’t want her “pregnancy [to] go to full term,” and didn’t want her to have a “healthy child.”

Kristen then reacted to the claims.

“I had a f**king pregnancy loss, I would never in a million years say something like that,” wrote Kristen on Instagram, via @byewighellodrama. “Wait for me to post the texts where I asked her about her pregnancy – including when she txt me the baby’s first heartbeat and oh, yeah, I was at her gender reveal. This is revolting.”

But Janet then reacted with her own comment.

“[Kristen] it absolutely is revolting that your BFF Zack said out loud that he was hoping I would miscarry and commit s**cide this summer,” wrote Janet. “All of our friends and cast mates were aware of what he said and reached out expressing how disgusted they were by Zack’s death wish upon my unborn child, expect for you. Glad to hear now that you find his comments as revolting as everyone else does.”

Around the same time, Zack wrote a comment declaring that Janet’s “minions” are desperate for camera time on The Valley – before Janet clapped back.

“My minions? The only thing I asked of you when you ‘sincerely’ apologized for your inexcusable actions was distance and to not continue to come for me while I work on attempting to forgive you,” she said, via @byewighellodrama. “I knew your apology was fake and you meant every disgusting word you said.”