RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Teases “Biggest Fight” With Margaret, Explosive Finale, and Addresses John Claiming He’s Teresa’s Storyline, Plus Frustration at Marriage Questions & Live Viewing Thread

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RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Teases "Biggest Fight" With Margaret, Explosive Finale, and Addresses John Claiming He's Teresa's Story Line, Plus Frustration at Marriage Questions & Live Viewing Thread

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The new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is in full swing, and fans have tons of content to devour. The cast has several feuds, and the husbands are perhaps more involved than ever. Now, Dolores Catania is opening up about her “biggest fight” with Margaret Josephs, John Fuda‘s claims about Teresa Guidice, if the divided cast can mend things, the explosive fight between Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Ayden, and more.

As fans know, Dolores has been on the show since season seven. Though her relationship with some of the cast has changed, she still considers herself to be close to Teresa. Additionally, fans are also curious about her personal life as her long-time boyfriend is still married.

First, during an interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Dolores teases an upcoming fight with Margaret during which she appears to call Margaret a C U Next Tuesday.

“That’s the biggest fight me and Margaret ever got in. You gotta stay tuned. You’ll see. Stay tuned. It’s insane,” shared Dolores.

And while she says they are “good” today, she added: “You’re gonna probably s–t your pants when you see it, but I mean it was so intense and then she brought me down. We calmed down. We spoke and we were fine. That’s what friends do. When you care about somebody.”

And in another interview with US Weekly, Dolores discusses her boyfriend, Paul Connell, and their next steps. In particular, she expressed frustration at people constantly asking her about when they’ll be getting married as she explained how society pressures people in their relationships.

She says, “Why doesn’t everybody just ask what’s our next trip? What’s your next plans? Does it have to be marriage? Does it have to be engagement?”

She goes on to say that she just wants peace and that she’ll be happy with what comes. However, she gets that people want what’s best for her.

However, she does share that Paul is “very close” to a divorce, but she’s not pushing him to finish the process.

Dolores then discusses her ex-husband Frankie getting remarried. When asked how she feels about it, she says, “I’m so happy for him. I encouraged it. I was like, if that’s what this girl wants, you have to do it.”

She even said that she would have helped him pick out a ring and that the entire family was happy.

Regarding this season of RHONJ, she takes a sigh and says, “It’s crazy.” Dolores continues, “I always say, how could we beat last season? How could my Irish party be beaten? How can anything come close to that? Well, it does.”

She goes on, “What you’re going to see is the finale of a lot of relationships there. It’s definitely closure for people, and you can’t come back from the stuff you’re going to see at the finale. There’s no coming back. If there was a shadow of a doubt before, that’s gone.”

Dolores then shares that she tried to not allow the situation to get as bad as it got, but now there’s just no real hope. However, she says her relationships on the show have mostly stayed the same.

She says, “I’ve had my things. On and off that you will see, and I’ve gotten through themand I’ve moved forward. Now everyone is going to be able to.”

Dolores also discusses the friendship dynamic that she hopes the ladies can be civil even if most of the friendships can’t be sincere.

Regarding Teresa and Melissa Gorga, she says, “For years there was almost this anticipation of something that could happen.  And there was always, like, on the best of days, there was this thing between them that just never connected.”

She says it’s now easier to be around Teresa and Melissa now that they’re not pretending to be on good terms. However, she does say that things come to a head between them this season.

Regarding John Fuda saying that he’s Teresa’s storyline this year, she says, “I don’t know why he said that. Listen, they have a thing that they go through, but that’s not her storyline. I disagree with him. I like him. I think John’s a great father and John’s a great husband, and he’s been good to me.”

About fans wondering if this season is “everybody versus Teresa,” Dolores says, “No.”

She then discusses her boyfriend wanting to take everyone out for dinner after the reunion. However, not everyone took him up on his offer, as only Teresa, Luis Ruelas, Danielle, and her husband came. However, while at dinner, he let everyone know that he has no problems with anyone from the cast. 

Then the conversation turns to Danielle and Jennifer getting into a fight. Regarding if that was too far, Dolores says, “No, we’ve come back from fist fights. We’ve come back from worse, but I just don’t think they’re meant for each other. So friends can get into a fight and come back if there’s history and if they have a sincere likeness.” 

She also compares the situation to all the things Teresa and Joe Gorga have come back from previously. However, she does not see Margaret and Jackie Goldschneider being friends. Similarly, she believes the same about Joe and Teresa.  

When asked if Jenn Fessler is “playing both sides,” Dolores says, “She’s not playing both sides. She just wants to make her own opinion of friendship. I think it came to a point where she wanted to make friends with everybody.”

Regarding leaks from the cast, Dolores says she’s “the last person who could” because she forgets everything after filming wraps. However, she did share that Teresa didn’t even hear the “hotdog lips” comment from the previous episode. 

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