Jo Wenberg Reveals Tom Sandoval and Billie Lee Are “Not Talking Anymore,” Plus Jo Shares Alleged Phone Call With Kristen Doute as She Reacts

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Jo Wenberg Reveals Tom Sandoval and Billie Lee Are “Not Talking Anymore,” Suggests It Might Be Related to Girlfriend Victoria, Plus Jo Shares Alleged Phone Call with Kristen Doute as Kristen Reacts

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Jo Wenberg revealed that Tom Sandoval and his good friend Billie Lee are “not talking anymore,” and she suggested it might have something to do with his new girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson – as Victoria reacted.

Jo also shared a phone call with her ex-friend Kristen Doute, claiming she first suggested that Jo stay with Tom Schwartz at his apartment following his split with his wife Katie Maloney. Kristen also reacted to Jo’s recent claim. Jo’s stay at the apartment was controversial to many Vanderpump Rules castmates, who suggested the two were romantically involved at the time.

“Billie Lee and Sandoval are not talking anymore,” said Jo on the Vanderpump Rules Party podcast in a clip shared by @breakingtherulespod on Instagram. “Because … the girl had to set a boundary.”

“At this point I will say this, that I’m really proud of her,” said Jo of Billie Lee. “Because it has to take a lot to say — and I’m not gonna speak on behalf of her — but I’ll say this: I love her so much, and it’s hard cause I know that everyone doesn’t want to Switzerland.”

She then suggested it “might be” related to Tom’s new girlfriend Victoria.

In the comments of the clip, Victoria reacted to Jo’s claim.

“Billie didn’t set a boundary,” she wrote.

She also responded to a fan claiming she’s Tom’s “PR girlfriend” and another fan who suggested that she “watch the show.”

“Definitely not a pr girlfriend,” she said. “We met on our own time through my friend … I prefer not to watch the show (tv in general) but that doesn’t mean I live under a rock. I’m obviously dating the guy and know what’s going on and I choose to be with someone I love.”

In the same podcast interview, Jo addressed why she initially stayed with Schwartz shortly after his split with Katie, and she revealed an alleged phone call with Kristen when they were still friends.

“I just didn’t wanna get an Airbnb and spend like $500,” said Jo. “And I couldn’t go to Kristen’s because she had COVID and she was going to a wedding … And then I remember Kristen saying, ‘You can go down the street to Schwartz’s for those four days. I was like, ‘Great.'”

But she claimed that Kristen “of course” hasn’t admitted this part of the story.

“It was a phone call at like 10 p.m. when I was freaking out and thinking, like, do I have to get an Airbnb, and she’s like, ‘No no no. I just moved in my place, and, like, you can go down to Schwartz’s. He lives down the street.”

In the comments, Kristen denied Jo’s version of events.

“What?!” wrote Kristen. “I can’t even keep up with her lies so I don’t know how she does.”