Jackie Goldschneider Accuses Margaret of Not Taking Her Side During Confrontation With Danielle in RHONJ Preview, as Margaret Claps Back

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Jackie Goldschneider Argues with Margaret Josephs in Dramatic Fight on RHONJ Preview, Says Margaret Feels Jackie Is “Under Her” and Views Her as Part of Her “Entourage”

Credit: Instagram

Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider had a dramatic fight in a Real Housewives of New Jersey preview. Jackie then said that Margaret feels Jackie is “under her” – and is simply part of her “entourage.”

The two castmates, who now are no longer close, seemed to fall out over the fact that Jackie didn’t send Margaret an advanced copy of her memoir, The Weight of Beautiful. Margaret was also unhappy that Jackie never checked on her during the anniversary of her ex-husband’s death.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Jackie challenged castmate Danielle Cabral for not inviting her to a recent party after claiming they were “friends.” Last season, Danielle and Jackie feuded continually.

“I was the only one again [who wasn’t invited],” said Jackie in the clip shared by @rhonjobsessed on Instagram. “I thought that was not nice.”

But Margaret, who was supposedly Jackie’s friend at the time, defended Danielle.

“You and Danielle weren’t close. You weren’t getting along. You can’t take such personal offense,” she said.

“You don’t take my side in anything,” responded Jackie.

“Jackie, my whole life I’ve taken your side,” said Margaret. “I’ve only championed you.”

“No, you, like, are making a lot of excuses for why it’s okay for somebody to make me the only person cut out. And that’s fine if that’s how you really feel.”

“What have you ever done for me?” Margaret clapped back.

“Are you kidding?” said Jackie.

“No, I’m not kidding,” said Margaret, who brought up the recent anniversary of her ex-husband Jan‘s death. She claimed Jackie “didn’t call” her all week, though several other castmates did.

“I feel like you don’t even give me the time of day anymore,” said Jackie.

Margaret then asked her “how many times” she asked Jackie for an advanced copy of her memoir.

“You gave it to Jen Fessler in December,” said Margaret. “You sent it to Melissa. I championed you for that book.”

“What are you talking about?” said Jackie. “You[‘re] saying I got a book deal because of you?”

“No, but I’m saying I’m the first one who knew about your book,” Margaret responded.

“So what?” asked Jackie. “My mother hasn’t read it yet.”

Margaret claimed this was “not surprising.”

“Wait Margaret, don’t get in too deep,” said Jackie. “I can talk about my mom. You can’t.”

But when Jackie tried to explain that her publisher sent the book to people who asked Jackie to do press with them, Margaret walked away and declared, “I can’t do this with you.”

“You’re not listening!” yelled Jackie, who shared in a confessional that she’s been letting Margaret feel “for a long time” that Jackie was “under her, like I was part of her entourage.”

“Writing changed me as a person. I’ve become much more confident,” Jackie explained. “So you are not the centerpiece of my life. You don’t need a copy of my book.”