RHONJ’s Melissa and Joe Gorga Address Potential Reconciliation With Teresa Giudice, Their 20-Year Marriage, Plus Melissa Says She’s Only Cast Member Not on Ozempic & Shares Update on Antonia

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RHONJ’s Melissa and Joe Gorga Address Potential Reconciliation with Teresa Giudice, Their 20-Year Marriage, Plus Melissa Says She’s The Only Castmember Not on Ozempic

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Melissa and Joe Gorga addressed if they could ever see a reconciliation with his sister Teresa Giudice – who’s no longer speaking to them, despite their casting on Real Housewives of New Jersey. They also addressed their near-20-year marriage, and Melissa indicated she’s the only RHONJ cast member not on Ozempic for weight loss.

Recently, Teresa shared that she received a sign from her late parents from beyond the grave, telling her that she’s on the right path concerning her decision to distance herself from Joe and Melissa.

In an interview for Sherri, Melissa said she sometimes gets “sick” of Joe, as they’ve been married for nearly 20 years.

Joe then addressed how fans will treat him differently when Melissa isn’t around. Though they’re “respectful” when Melissa is present, if she’s absent, they’ll touch him, grab him, or ask him to sign certain parts of the body, according to Joe.

He said even “moms” and “daughters” will approach him saying, “You don’t know what we’ll do to you.”

Both stars admitted they’re the jealous type, but Melissa said this is a reason they’re “so good together, because we want to be together, we want to spend time together.”

“I get jealous if he’s out enjoying the night,” she said, as Joe claimed she’s more jealous than him. “I’m like, ‘Don’t you miss me? Don’t you wish I were there?'”

But according to Joe, Melissa really just demands to know where he is and what he’s doing, as she gets “crazy.”

Melissa stated that they’re the “longest standing couple on Bravo.”

She was then asked about Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs‘ apparent claim that most of the cast is on Ozempic.

“I think I’m the only one on that cast that does not take Ozempic,” said Melissa. “I work out really really hard and … to each their own for everything. But I don’t take it.”

Melissa said people on Ozempic need to work out too, or their muscles will get “flabby.”

But Melissa claimed she’s “happy” that her cast members feel and look good.

When asked if they see a possible reconciliation with Teresa in the future, Melissa expressed, “Not right now … When someone is never happy for you or your marriage, it becomes very difficult when – sometimes you have to take the toxic and say listen, this is very toxic.”

Melissa said she’s “tried for many years,” but there was a point where “enough’s enough, and we’re done with the toxic.”

Joe called the situation “very hard,” and he suggested that Teresa was trying to “tear” his life with Melissa “down,” and he had to make a choice because Teresa was “never happy for us.”

“I can’t be around somebody trying to hurt me,” he said. Joe then joked that he’s getting a “sign from heaven” that he’s going to pick the “right road” and not say “negative things.”

Melissa said Teresa’s ‘sign’ comment “upset” Joe, who expressed that no parent from beyond the grave would give their child a sign to fight with their sibling.

When it comes to their 18-yr-old daughter Antonia Gorga, who was seen being dropped off at college on the latest episode of the RHONJ, Melissa shared an update on her.

“She just completed, we just picked her up from her first year of college. She was thriving. She loves it,” said Melissa.

“It was rough in the beginning,” said Joe of the separation. “But the good thing is that I raised the right daughter, and I trust her. And a parent knows who their kids are … I know I did the right thing. So it kind of keeps me at ease. But I’m always FaceTiming and checking in … We’re always talking.”

But Joe said that he “trust[s]” Antonia concerning when she goes out, and he previously told the teenager: “‘I’m going to trust you. Don’t let me not trust you.'”

He added, “Thank God, man, they’ve been doing the right thing.”

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