Ariana Madix Shares Real Reason Boyfriend Daniel Wai Didn’t Want to Be on Vanderpump Rules, Plus Tom Sandoval Explains $8.3K in Shared Bills Ariana Owes in Unseen Clip

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Ariana Madix Reveals Why Her New Beau Wasn't on Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Plus Tom Sandoval Says She Owes Him Money for Bills

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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is over, and the dust from the season is still settling. This is especially the case after Ariana Madix clarified that she wanted nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. However, she recently revealed why her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, didn’t appear on the show, and it’s not as deep of a reason as some may assume. Not only that, but Tom is letting it be known that Ariana owes him a pretty penny for their shared bills.

Fans will recall that despite no longer being together, Tom and Ariana still technically own a home together. The two are battling it out to determine what will happen with the LA mansion. Both have moved on and have been seeing other people.

And during the recent Vanderpump Rules reunion, Andy Cohen asked Ariana why her boyfriend didn’t fully participate in the show. Notably, he was around when the group went to San Francisco. 

Ariana replied,He’s not getting paid.To which Andy says,[he’s] still your boyfriend.”

However, Ariana had another reason why he wasn’t on season 11. She says, simply,he doesn’t want to be on this show.”

Still, her casemates seemed to be understanding of Ariana’s boyfriend not being on the show. In particular, Lala Kent chimed in and said,I felt like it was already such an awkward dynamic that was happening. I was like,Girl, you’ve got it figured out. He’s there when you come home and go to bed.”

In other Pump Rules news, unaired Vanderpump Rules season 11 footage recently revealed that Ariana may owe Tom a large sum of money. In a newly released scene, Tom’s assistant is seen talking about the finances pre and post-split. She says,Before the breakup, it didn’t really matter whose credit card anything was on, but after the breakup, it very much did matter. So, that became a new aspect of my job, making sure everything was even and balanced. [It’sa lot of math. I’m not good at math.”

Apparently, they are both supposed to pay about $8,314 per month. According to Bravo, this amount includes things like the water bill, pool cleaning, gardening, cable and internet, and earthquake insurance.

Tom previously said that Arianahadn’t paid any of the bills for, like, f**king eight months.However, she has said before that she has been asking him for an itemized list of expenses which she says he has yet to give her. 

Fans can watch the Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed episode on Peacock.